Monday, May 24, 2010

Trying to keep focus

Ever finish a race, and your motivation suddenly becomes like this below?

I'm trying REALLY hard to keep my motivation looking like below:
I trained through the HarryMan Olympic. This is the first time I trained through a triathlon. Usually its a huge build up, race hard, then long drawn out recovery. Not this time! The soreness never showed up and I wound up putting in 36 miles on the bike on Sunday then a fast 18.5 miler this morning before work then hitting the pool at lunch for a fast 2000 yards. Phew! Breath!

Speaking of the pool, I smashed my 300 yard PR today by about 5 seconds for a 4:43 and went 1:22 for a 100 yarder last Friday, another PR by about 4 seconds. So the speed is there for the swim and bike. The run? I haven't done a stand alone run race in about 6 weeks, so I am really unsure. I have just been doing steady effort volume runs since New Orleans.

Not looking for pity, just throwing onto paper my mental state right now. Half of me wants to hammer another Olympic to bits, while the other half is absolutely dreading the Mooseman 70.3 in two weeks. My fitness is "there" proven by my results this past weekend and the resulting lack of soreness. Its the ole` noggin that will be slowing me down!

Good news! I am in the 3rd swim wave @ Mooseman, right after the Pro Women's wave. Operation track down a Pro Woman? Riiiiiiiiiigggght.....

Final addition! They JUST posted our splits from the race:
Swim: 18:05
T1: 1:48
Bike: 1:05:46 (21 miles, 19.15 mph avg)
T2: 1:42
Run: 49:01 (7:54 pace)
Total: 2:16:22

Like I said in my previous post, WHO knows what that swim distance was. The fastest swim split was a 13:31, so being only 4:34 off the fastest pace is pretty good for me. My transition times weren't that bad either!


  1. Congrats on beating your PR. That always feels fantastic!!!

  2. If I could beat a pro woman out of the water with a broken arm, you definitely can! Hang in there ... only 2 more weeks to go!!

  3. Hang in there, we are almost there. I also am slightly dreading the Moose, but it is more of the unknown factor. As you know, I am in the last wave and will be chasing EVERYONE. Little OLD me. thanks for the list!

    Great times on the whatever distance tri it was. Your run split is fantastic! I feel like I will never get faster. Not that it will matter in two weeks. I don't need to be fast, just steady.

  4. Those are some good times for your Sprimpic distance!

  5. It looks like you crushed it! Awesome job!

  6. You are totally going to rock Mooseman! Chase down those fast chicks!

  7. Awesome! You are going to have a great race at Mooseman!!!

  8. I've definitely been there with the dip in motivation! But, just think about how awesome it will be to race at Mooseman knowing you're ready!

    Oh, and you can totally chase down the pro women! :)

  9. Hi little bro,
    You got this one....hands down! Nice work on the swim PR:) Good luck at Mooseman! Have a fantastic day Jon!

  10. Jon - your swim times are looking great. It is encouraging to someone like myself who struggles swimming to see the gains you are achieving through hard work! Keep on bringing it man!

  11. Thanks for posting your PR's! Im going to start tracking my 100 yard and 300 yard efforts...I also have a yard length pool...wish it was meters. I think I found a pool with outdoor swim lanes in the suburb next to me!:)


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