Friday, May 7, 2010

Off to slay the Moose. And lotsa running!

Heading up to NH this weekend to slay the Mooseman course one last time before the actual race. Hopefully they don't change it a 4th time before June 6th! lol

This is what the 3rd course change wound up as ^^^^

The weather tomorrow is calling for rain and temps in the mid 50's, so its gonna be a battle of epic proportions. I may be flying down Hall's Brook Rd slower than what I climbed up North Groton Road so as to not become a statistic.

On the running front, I have been putting in some nice volume. I got in 8 last Sunday, 4 on Tuesday, 9 miles Yesterday, 4 this morning, and hopefully 6.55 this Sunday with one loop of the Mooseman run course.

Do you ever do long midweek runs? Yesterday's 9 was my first and I had a short ride scheduled for that evening. I blew that ride off! I was freaking tired last night! For now on, if I have a long midweek run, that is ALL that will be occurring that day.


  1. You realize how much this is killing me to read and unable to train, right? I knew I shouldn't be catching up on blog reading, but sleeping and daytime TV can longer fit the bill. I'm restless.

    Can't wait to hear about the hills. Good luck!

  2. Nice running !!! I lost my Friday morning "battle" with the weather, 47 and cold rain I bailed on my run - DONT do the same! have a good weekend of training

  3. have fun in NH on those hills. anxious to hear how the roads are...and if all the ice is off the lake yet!

    enjoy your travels.

  4. Have fun this weekend! Slay those hills, OK?

  5. The statistic idea is very good. How well do your tires hydroplane? There is no cell phone service out there.

  6. oh wow! i have a lot of catching up to do on your blog Jon. I
    especially can't wait to read the aero wheel post. Have a great weekend killing the moose (LOL!)...don't let it kill you. Be careful if it rains. Riding in the rain always freaks me out. I've cracked a few helmets riding in the rain when my bike has slid out from under me. More comments coming up later on your blog...just gotta get out of work to do it. I have my priorities straight!

  7. I forgot to mention that when training for a marathon, i prefer to do my long run during the week. Why? So I don't miss out on all the cycling with my husband on the weekend. No other reason than that.

  8. Good luck riding the course again. Like others have said, be careful out in the rain!

  9. Hi little bro,
    Have a good training session on the Mooseman course! Those hill have got nothing on you Jon!! You got it:) Have a nice weekend!


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