Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The HarryMan Tri: BRING IT!

I added another race to my schedule, The HarryMan Olympic Triathlon, which takes place May 22nd up in Harriman State Park. It's two weeks out from Mooseman and will be a final tuneup race.

It is an olympic distance, sort of: 0.6 mile swim, 20 mile bike, 6.2 mile run. There is also a Half Ironman going on at the same time, and that is why the swim is short. We do one loop of the swim, they do 2 to get the full 1.2 miles. The bike is also short, and that is due to a road closure in the park. It used to be a 2 x 14 mile loop, but now its an out and back horseshoe. The poor HIM'ers have to do it 3 times for a total of 60 miles!

Now here is why I am doing this race. Its two weeks out from Mooseman, and I have noticed over the past 3 seasons that I seem to have a great weekend of training exactly two weeks after a hard race. Also! The water temp for this race is going to be around 60 degrees. Mooseman's swim will be about the same. Finally! At mile 2 in this race, you are climbing a BEAST of a hill on cold legs. Guess what? Mooseman has its first BEAST of a climb at mile 4 or 5 on cold legs.

The first 4 miles of the HarryMan course....damn!

See where I am getting at? Seems as if HarryMan should be called littleMooseman. I am also experimenting to see if my two week theory proves fruitful or disastrous, because I have my eye on another Olympic distance two weeks out from Timberman in August.


  1. Sounds good in theory, ha! I'm sure you are going to do well. I considered this race, but the open water swim race I am doing is much more valuable to me, as I am still not the best in OW.

    Good luck!!

  2. Do you know which road that climb is on? I love training in Harriman, very challenging!

  3. Cool! Best of luck at Harriman! I like what you say that you race better after you have raced - I totally get that and am considering an OLY dist 2-3 weeks before Timberman.

  4. It sounds like that will be a great training race for your HIM! :)

  5. Love the HILLS theory and good job adding the race, sounds like a great fit!

  6. Nice logic, I hope it pans out well for you! It's always good to practice climbing a hill on cold legs!

  7. good luck with the hills
    sounds like fun

  8. Hi little bro,
    Yea, another race:) You can do this and it will keep you moving and shaking for a few weeks. Remember that the hills will make you stronger! Have a good one Jon!


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