Thursday, August 2, 2012

There is NO race coming up!!!!

Screw it!!! I am convincing myself that there is NO race coming up in less than 3 weeks.

Ironman Mont Tremblant?

A) What is an Ironman?
B) Where is Mont Tremblant?

Anytime I think about my next workout, my mind immediately jumps into "Oh no! Don't go too hard! You might blow it and never recover!!!"

I have had some of the best runs and rides and swims of my life on an absolutely train wrecked and tanked body, and some of the worst rides/runs/swims of my life on a perfectly rested body.

Why or how could or would ANY workout in the next three weeks wreck the last 7 months of training?


(and I feel better now)

Basically I am mentally having a hard time right now. I recall making a good decision by only training for 7 months last year and ending my season with Lake Placid. This was because around that time in 2010 I peaked for Timberman and realized that training non stop for 8 FULL months is too much. 7 FULL months is the perfect amount my body can handle.

Next season? Maybe the end of June will end it...

Oh, and.....



  1. I think you need an adult beverage. STAT.

  2. Yesterday I napped from 5:15 to 8pm, had a bowl of cereal and went back to sleep. Today, I am dreading my 30 minute run and I swear I have shin splints and strange bruises are forming all over my abs. FUCK YOU TAPER.

  3. I am reading this instead of going to the pool. And my shoulder is hurting a little. I want to bring my wetsuit to the pool to try out for a couple of laps but do not want to be "that guy". I might wait until early Sunday morning when the pool is empty.

    I have no idea what I am saying?

    Yogurt is much better today then what it was a few years ago - thank you science!

  4. Can we say "taper tantrum"???

  5. why taper of there is no race :)

  6. The first rule of IM taper is that you don't talk about IM taper.

  7. Is this post just fodder for another TWSS search for Beth???

    "Oh no! Don't go too hard! You might blow it and never recover!!!"

    You are making this too easy.

    Now simma down and have a beer.

  8. Yeah, must be getting close to race day :)

    Trust me, 70.3's are much more fun to train for! You only get a little tired and you can still blame stupidity on training volume :P

    You might want to wrap yourself in bubble wrap for the next couple weeks.


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