Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ironman Mont Tremblant Goals Post!!!!

Go faster than Lake Placid!!!

Sub 12:05 or bust!!!!

But seriously, I am NOT going to race this one. I have PR-ed various distances 9+ times this season, taken a number of podium finishes, and been satisfied with SO many races, that I just want to go out there and enjoy a long day swimming, biking, and running for once instead of doing race math for 5 hours or less.

I know what the "feeling" of the pace is that I should be doing for each discipline; I know what to eat and drink and when to eat and drink.

I mostly just want to run the entire marathon without doing the Ironman shuffle the last 8 miles.

I made it 18 miles into the marathon at Placid before I had to walk/visit every bathroom left on the course.

I don't want to get sick this time.

I just want to keep moving without stopping.

I don't want my bike to break at mile 43.

I want to finish the bike without my legs screaming at me.

I want to start the run able to run 9 min miles from beginning to end.

Do you know how easy it is to run 9 min miles for me? It is MY "easy" pace. I just hope a 112 mile bike warmup won't hinder that...

I just want to have a good day finishing with a smile on my face.

I know this course and know it well. I went a 4:54:xx in the 70.3!

I am looking forward to getting this sucker done with and calling it DONE with the 140.6 distance for awhile.

I want some fucking poutine at the finish!!!! (yeah right, I prolly will want to die)

I can't wait to see Beth when I finish :) SCHMOOPY ALERT!!!

I can't wait to eat waffles the next morning. Possibly in bed because I won't be able to move.

I just can't wait to finish!


  1. YEAH BUDDY! I have the same goals haha, just want to have fun in my races this year.

    Every time I read Poutine I actually read POOTANG! haha. Get both at the finish ;) hahaha

    Have fun out there!

    1. That isn't how you pronounce it? It is pootang for sure......haha!

  2. Enjoy your reward for all your hard work

  3. Same goals for me, but probably an hour or two slower than yours. :D See ya there!

  4. You've got this. Good luck buddy! Swim like a fish, bike like a champ, and run like boss!

  5. P.S. I just died laughing reading Matty O's comment.

  6. You're only excited to see me because you know I'll be carrying recovery beer :)

    I can't wait!!

  7. WOOOO! You're gonna KILL it! Can't wait to stalk you!

  8. You're goals sound familiar :) see you soon!

  9. Awesome goals! All the best and have fun!

  10. Awesome goals! Have a great race Jon!!! :) I'll be cheering from Atlanta!

  11. Have a great day! I'll be online stalking!

  12. Have a great race! And, for the record, you could be way more shmoopy without offending me (or Beth, I imagine)!

  13. good luck this weekend! Cant wait to hear all about it.

  14. dude I bet you're going to to ALOT better than "just" a sub 12:05 finish..

  15. Truthfully - I think everyone should have goals like this. It is all about having a great time! Best wishes for a safe, mechanically-blessed race!

  16. oh no. more schmoopiness? there is plenty for the blog world over on red's domain. sheesh.

    good luck friend!!

  17. Honestly dude next time just put the waffles at the beginning of the post. Love recovery waffles, race waffles, anytime waffles....WAFFLES!

    Enjoy yourselves up there.

    Race Fast. Race Hard. Race Safe.

  18. Perfect goals! Enjoy this one like you did the 70.3. You're going to have a blast! Good luck!

  19. With you well you've been going this year, wouldn't surprise me at all if you beat your Placid time, even if you are taking it a little bit easier than max effort. Most of all, enjoy the time up there, sounds like a dream place.

  20. Rip it up, you're going to have so much fun out there!!!

  21. Do or not do. There is no tri.

    I would say good luck, but I don't believe in luck. (Plus, it's bad luck). Good preparation meeting opportunity!


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