Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Putting/Pulling Myself Back Together

Maybe its the past two mornings of 60 degree temps, or my body is finally healing, but I feel a LOT better than this time last week and weekend where I was prepared to just quit the sport because I had had it with just feeling slow/burned out/sore.

Hi there taper! Remember me?

I think mentally I am feeling better than physically. I just haven't been thinking about the race. All I have to do is pack, drive up there, check in and race. I have done this before, I can do it again.

Besides, I am looking forward to riding that course. It is broken up into so many pieces that mentally it goes by quick! Or maybe riding a 2:28 helped.

Maybe I should ride a 5 hour bike split? That should help get my legs loosened up for a marathon? RIGHT?!?!? Riiiiiiiiiiiight ;)

I will leave you now with a clip from one of my favorite comedians, Tommy Tiernan, with an Olympic themed act:

My favorite part: "Athletes would no longer represent countries, they would represent pharmaceutical companies."


  1. I heard that a good strategy is to try to have your bike and run times as close together as possible. So maybe shoot for 4.5 hours on the bike.

  2. Yay taper!!

    I <3 all things Irish olympics:

  3. What have I taken from this post? That people wear god awful striped pants in Europe. Thank you for that.

  4. Hope all the kings horses and all the kings men can put you back together by race morning. Best wishes for a great race. Looking forward to reading all the forthcoming race reports from the various folks in taper.

  5. Am I the only person that loves taper? Guess I am truly lazy after all ;) I was always beat up in the end, but somehow you arrive on race day magically rested and repaired.

  6. That is hysterical! I loved it, and I totally agree about letting everyone use steroids. They're doing it anyway. Just let it happen.

    Enjoy that Taper, buddy!

  7. My right achilles is sore? It hasn't so much as barked at me since February? And my right shoulder had a little pain in it at the pool this morning? It hasn't hurt since 1998?

    Both mentally and physically, I am a wreck. Race day cannot get here soon enough.

  8. I'd laugh but I am too damn tired.

    Victoria stole my strategy from IMWI last year.

  9. "Two weeks of people just sprinting all over the place" hahaha!

  10. Good Luck at the Ironman !!
    hope you guys have a fun trip and excellent race



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