Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ironman Mont Tremblant: The Swim


Woke up at 4:30 and just wanted to get up for the sake of getting up. Because transition was so close to my hotel, I went down as soon as it opened, dropped off my remaining bags and added water onto my bike, etc. Then I went back to my hotel and started to eat and put my temporary tattoos on. Thanks Kevin for hooking us up! And thanks Beth for putting em on me!

Then it was time to march over to the swim start. It was COLD out! But oh so pretty with an almost clear sky that would signal a good day ahead

There I met up with my parents, hung out with Beth, put on my wetsuit and made my way into the pen to watch the pros go off.

Good God I look bloated!

(funny story while putting on my wetsuit. I was lubing up my neck, wrists, and ankles with Tri Slide when this woman came over totally amazed at all of this going on. I think because my arms were tatted all up with temporary tattoos and I was using some "magical spray" (oh! It IS Magical!) that she thought I was a pro! ha ha ha haaaaaaaa.....)

It was a very short wait before it was OUR turn! I lined up 2 people back, and to the left. Jeff and Kevin were right there with me (THANK YOU!!! It totally calmed my nerves having you guys right there). Then I saw Sarah walk by. She had this terrified look on her face. Well, I did too. But! She swam a 1 hour flat swim! Woah!

(source) I am screen center. Right behind Mr. Wetsuit-less
Compared to Placid, I wanted to DESTROY this swim! I was ready to leap into battle whereas in Placid I was wincing in anticipation for that clock to hit 7:00:00. I would look behind me at the hordes of people and realized something: They are back there because they aren't 100% confident in their ability to hash it out with us. US! I WAS the fast guy for once! Sweet! That further calmed my fears and revved me all up even more.

We all waited for the cannon to boom, but it never did, so we just WENT! BATTLE!!!

Then the contact started, and then it ended....

I was like, am I off course? Where is everyone?

We found clear water! Within the first 200 yards! It was maybe 5 mins of mayhem, maybe not even that long. Then I found my groove and just started swimming.  It wasn't hard to draft, especially with 100's of swimmers around you. In fact, I never really sighted until I got to about 2 buoys left on the outward bound leg.

On the cross section is where I started sighting and further getting into my groove.

Finally on the last turn, with 1 mile to go (ha!) I was able to stay  as close to the buoy line as possible with no contact. In fact, I saw a group ahead of me that I was catching up to. So I caught them, drafted off some feet for awhile, SWORE I saw Kevin (then he magically disappeared on me) and continued on. To break this long last portion up, I was using the peninsula that you swim around as a bearing for how much further I had left. I could NOT see shore so this was my last major landmark.

Coming into the final stretch, I knew it would get shallow to the left, so I hung to the right has much as possible. For some reason I KNEW I was swimming a 1:05, and just as I was standing up, I heard Mike Reilly announce some random person's name with a time of 1:05:xx. SCORE!

Found a wetsuit stripper, and then started BOOKING IT towards T1. My legs felt SO great! I was cruising with no dead leg to T1 syndrome. It was awesome! And the crowds lining the run were just awesome.

And I had no idea that Kevin was literally right behind me. Next time, we draft off each other!

Stay tuned for T1 and the bike!


  1. SPEEDY!!!

    Although I'm still upset that you didn't enact your race plan when getting hit on by the 50 year old woman!!! :)

    1. "Sorry, I am taken, and she has MORE muscles than you!"

  2. HA!!!! Mr Speedo sticks out like a sore thumb in that picture!!!

    Freaking awesome swim!! I think next post has some interesting plots based on your previous post

  3. That swim start pic is HILARIOUS!

    Good job out there, y'all be crazy dealing with swim starts like that.

  4. Way to go, stud muffin! That's an incredible swim! Way to go! I think it's so awesome that you and Kevin got to race together. I can't wait for the bike...

  5. Wow, great time! Sounds like your day got off to a really good start!

    Next time, just a Speedo!

  6. Wow, you destroyed the swim! And did I hear a flyover before the race started? That is badass.

    And cheers to Mr. non-wetsuit guy lol

  7. Nice tats! And you even got them all on in the right direction :-P

    I wonder if it was the same woman who said to me on the run, "Wow! They did a really good job on your number." I was a bit delirous at the point and just mumbles some sort of incoherent response.

    I was drafting off you the whole time... MUHAHAHAH!!! I knew you would get distracted by the strippers and that is when I made my move.

    PS: I am adding that swim start video to my blog.

  8. Great looking tats. No way to miss that number going by.

    I have done the swim start of an Ironman and 4 70.3s and yet when I see the videos I always get a lump in my throat.

    Great swim buddy.

    Oh, and I swore you and Kevin were swimming next to each other when I saw your swim times.

  9. Congrats on a smokin swim!!! It totally makes a difference when you have confidence in your ability. My #1 goal at Placid this year was to FINALLY break out of my swim rut and that's all I was focused on during the swim and I think that really helped. Can't wait to read the rest of your races reports!!!


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