Thursday, June 28, 2012

What I Did 2 Hours After I Finished IMMT 70.3

So I cross the finish line, my sister says, "Great job! And guess what? We are going ziplinging!"
Me: "But......I just raced for 5 legs are....oh fuck it, let's go! We are just flying through the trees just sitting down, right?"
Her: "Oh! We kinda sorta need to hike up to the top of the resort, then hike up a trail, then hike up a road..."
Me: "But......I just raced for 5 legs are....oh fuck it, let's go!"

And we trudged alllllllll the way up to the ziplining place, or De Foret de Tarzan.

We check in, and the woman explains to us that there are four sections, with the third being physically intensive:
Check in lady: "Welcome! You are gonna have....wait! Did you just do the Ironman?"
Me: "Haha! Yep! What's so hard about flying through some trees?"
Check in lady: "Uuuuuhhhhh, some of this stuff is pretty physically intense!"
My sister: "You gonna be alright? I mean, you just did race 5 hours....."
Me: "Yes, I JUST DID race 5 hours legs are....oh fuck it, let's go!"

(Note to sister is a slave driver)

First, they have you do a test obstacle plus mini zip line to learn how to clip and unclip properly with the carabiners and zip line pulley.

Our guide: "Welcome! Let's get you fit with a harness......wait! Did you just do the Ironman?"
Me: "Haha! Yeah, I did"
Our Guide: "You know, some of this is pretty physically intense right?"
Me: "So I heard...."

And he shows us how to harness up, and use the tools and demonstrates the test obstacle. Then we go!

My sister is a natural (and she didn't just race for 5 hours!!!)

Me? I have no grace.....


But we had SO MUCH FUN!!!! Yes, it was challenging, yes I was nearly bonking and my muscles were screaming at me.....but IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!! Here are a smattering of pictures my sister took of our experience:

I'm on the right trying to get through a ring and around boards

60 feet up looking down!

And finally, one of the last zip lines, which I did VERY well this time:

So two hours later, sometimes dangling with literally hanging onto a cable and once hugging a tree for dear life because you are 60 feet above the ground and a gust of wind is swinging the tree back and forth!

Jeff, Mandy, Kevin - Guess what we are doing Post Ironman in August!!! As long as we all go sub 8, more like sub 7:45, we should have time to get up there and do the course before they close. Sound good? ;)


  1. That is so cool. I have always wanted to do that!!!

    BTW, please tell me you are not wearing a race kit ziplining?!?!?!?!

    1. haha! I am!! Didn''t even get a chance to change. Ate some poutine to refuel from racing, and up we went!

  2. ha! Dude the coordination gene skipped right over you to your sister!

    That looks like fun - we can do the Monday morning Ironman shuffle right up the trail!

  3. That is just too much awesomeness. LOL

  4. What, no aero helmet? What a wasted opportunity to GO FAST!

  5. Couldn't you have at least changed out of your trisuit??? Hopefully they burned that harnass after you used it. That post-race stank lingers and attaches to everything it touches!

    It almost looked like you needed a step stool there at the end... haha. Couldn't resist.

    I'm game.

  6. seriously, you were in your Tri-kit LOL?!!?!

    Alright, well we need to rethink our transportation from house to house when the apocolypse hits, I was confident zip lines were the way to go from roof top to roof top, but you look like you might get stuck 3/4 of the way haha.

    We did this in Hawaii, TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME :)

  7. very cool indeed! Well, you have to be crazy to do the things you do so this is all just great and normal.

  8. Love Zip Lining! So much fun, but maybe not as much fun after a 70.3

  9. I will take partial responsibility for Jon zip lining in a tri suit. My wife and I finished hours after him and he stuck around to cheer us in.
    I also can definitely understand how he chose to eat poutine over changing out of his race gear.

  10. You are nuts. Or just one bad ass Ironman.

  11. So did sis know you were doing this or did she just decide that you are badass enough to race 5 hours and then do it?

    Did the people ask you if you just did Ironman b/c you were wearing your medal or because you stunk since you are still wearing your race gear?

    7:45..... I trust I will see zip-lining pics in August.

  12. Zip lining + poutine = invicible! :D

  13. You stud! Racing for 5 hours then doing zip lining is pretty cool. Looks like fun too.

  14. HA! Love that you are still wearing your tri suit, please tell me you also sported your finisher's medal around le foret de Tarzan :) it looks like fun but I am deathly afraid of heights so I probably won't be zip lining anytime soon :(

  15. I love it! Especially the kit... must have made you extra aerodynamic! :)

    We zip-lined in Ohio and it was great, but I'm sure it's much more amazing there!

  16. Ziplining is so much fun! Jenn and I did a canopy tour in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on our honeymoon. I'm pretty impressed you did it so soon after the race. And, you got to do with with your sister too!

  17. i love ziplining. we had a homemade line in the gully behind the house growing up. to stop you ran into the side of the gully wall. very safe. i have more recently gone on official courses like this one. so much fun! why didn't you at least change? gross.


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