Friday, June 22, 2012

Mont Tremblant 70.3, Day #1

Drove up to Mont Tremblant today. It took a full 8 hours and change from outside of NYC. I could have done it in 7 (boy does this bring out the triathlete in me....) if I hadn't gotten stuck in Montreal traffic for over an hour. (Apparently there is NO easy way to get through Montreal and traffic is just the name of the game no matter what day/time of day. Sigh...)

Before crossing the border. I forgot to sign my passport. They still let me through.
 SO! I arrived and WOW! I have only explored the inner core of the resort but so far I AM IMPRESSED!!! Got checked in, made sure to get covered parking (which is gauranteed parking.....apparently come Sunday parking is gonna be as rare as a rainbow shitting unicorn). Got checked in, made my obligatory $200+ donation to the Ironman Store, wandered a tad, then met Matt and his wife, Genine for dinner. They arrived a day sooner so they toured me around after dinner the top part of the resort.

We couldn't stop remarking at the number of Ironman signs plastered all over the ENTIRE resort. They are REALLY embracing this race in the resort. There are SO MANY shops and restaurants in this little resort town. Any kind of food fare you want, they have it.

As for my hotel? It is literally a stone's throw away from the finish line and transition. NO portopotties for this guy race morning!!!

Still taking in Quebec. I knew that French was the language, but to find an English sign is also rare. Fortunately everyone speaks English and I know just enough French to ask "how much" something is and where I can find a toilet. Oh! I also know how to order a beer on tap, which is VERY important.

Not gonna go into too much detail. I feel like I am in Europe, minus the jetlag and aweful plane ride. I will just splatter you with random photos of the resort town instead. Enjoy!

Kevin Neumann's REQUIRED post race food joint. He badly is wanting the "street meat"

The stage

Finish line. You have to run UP a ramp?


This is looking up that hill. We don't run up or down it, thank god!!!

Just shows how European this resort looks

The bottom of the resort town


  1. Looks awesome!!!!!

    Forgot to sign your passport?? What a rookie mistake! haha

    Which hotel are you at? The same as race day??

    Will you be my translater?? Time to find me some Rosetta Stone.

  2. Gorgeous! Have a great race! I'll be stalking your blog once I'm back from vacation!

  3. In august I expect you to PR the ride and maximize your mpg as demonstrated in a training peaks graph.

  4. wow, does it look gorgeous there!


  5. Those are gorgeous pics. That is going to be a hell of a 70.3 and 140.6.

  6. What a good looking resort! It'd be worth going there for a vacation even without a triathlon to do!


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