Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mont Tremblant 70.3, Day 2

What a day! I basically went non stop (in a sort of kinda easy way) from start to end. Mostly wear myself out so I could go to bed and actually sleep. Funny what happens when you don't seriously workout for three days after and already easy week. YOU GET FULL QUICKER! And you don't get as tired.

Woke up @ 7, met up with Matt and Genine and we did a quick dip in Lake Tremblant. I had convinced myself that the lake was gonna be an ice bath. Hey! Its Canada. Everyone lives in igloos, right? Boy was I wrong (Canadians do NOT live in Igloos)......the lake was WARM, SHALLOW, and CLEAR! Like, super clear that you can see everything below you, and THAT FREAKS ME OUT!!!

Swim Start

Swim Exit
2nd half of the swim

 I was drafting off of Matt for a bit, and he was about three feet in front of me, and I could see his feet SO CLEAR. I don't like to see ANYTHING in front of me in a swim, other than cloudy feet and a swim finish.

Then I hopped onto the bike for 45 mins. I did the out and back stretch up towards Lac Superior, also known as the "hilly section" of the course. I kept riding, looking at my time out there, knowing it was only like 6 miles thinking, "Where the hell is this wall of a hill that is 12%?!?!"

It never came. I went up two stairclimbers, but they were a joke. That elevation profile that showed off the 12% pitch totally got everyone scared for NO reason! Maybe there is a 12% pitch for like 10 feet? I got so confused, but mostly liberated when I got to the turn and was like, "That was nothing! And my legs will be totally revved when I do hit these.:

Its really not that bad!!!
So just toodling around, I did the out and back in 43 mins, 24 out, 19 back. We will see what I do race wise tomorrow. Gonna hit the lap button on each leg and GPS it.

Bike Turn

Then we hopped into my car and drove the entire course, minus the out and back through the village of Mont Tremblant. Even though the hills aren't as steep, Monte Ryan has a few good ups, but I think the BIGGEST ups and downs are on the 117 section. After Monte Ryan you start to climb and hills are not steep, but a long gradual pitch that will slow you down and make you grind it out. Then you bomb down onto some flats for a good portion.

That 1.5 mile climb near the halfway mark. (This does not include the out and back of town)
But! You gotta turn around and head back up that big bomb of a hill. I think going back up this on the return is where people will burn a match, especially in the 140.6 in August. Its gonna hurt a lot more the 2nd time!

So I would compare this bike course to Timberman. Maybe a bit more climbing, but somewhat similar. Lots of opportunities to get consistent and stay consistent. Its funny how the course is split between riding between trees on windy roads and short but steep climbs to being out in this wide open vast space with long gradual climbs. Quite a contrast!

I didn't preview any of the run. It will be a blind effort. I figure I have blindly ran enough courses that what's another 13.1?

Here is a smattering of today's photos. Enjoy!!!


  1. have a great race today! its an awesome course. the hills are tough but not that bad

  2. New game plan... I am going to litter the bottom of the lake with plastic snakes and other scary creatures. This could either A) cause you to freak out and head back to shore or B) cause you to freak out and have your fastest swim ever. Your choice as to what you make out of it! haha

    Woooooooohoooooo!!! I really hope you aren't screwing with Jeff and I!

    So, how smooth are the roads? Like butter??

    Is that your new bike??? WANT!

    No shoes on the bike? Saving that for race morning or not allowed at this race for some reason?

    Good luck today! Already saw that you had a speedy swim!

  3. By now, you're done with the race, and I can't wait to hear all about it. That course looks like it's less than you trained for, so hopefully you dominated in true Campbell fashion. I'm looking forward to the race reports.

  4. Now I understand the laps on your link to your garmin read out today. I was thinking what the fuck kind of laps does he have set up.....haha!

    Dude you crushed it. Kevin and I were emailing yesterday and I noticed that your 2:28 bike split was only 2 minutes slower than Maggli Tiseyere (sp?) and that my friend is fan-fucking-tastic!

  5. Has there ever been a more inspiring message than please rack your bike using seat? Congrats on an awesome race! Looking forward to the recap!

  6. OO I hate seeing things below me when I swim too. Rev3Portland the lake was clear too. It reminded me of the scene from Lord of the Rings when Frodo et al where crossing that water with Semigal and he said don't follow the eyes. Yes that is all I thought about during the swim...Had the fastest 1.2mile swim of the year :-)


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