Thursday, June 7, 2012

Shave It!!! Dollar Shave Club Review. Oh yeah!!

About three months ago, a new shaving blade company, Dollar Shave Club, put out a youtube video that went viral. The advertisement wasn't good, it was F**KING GREAT.

So I ordered some of the blades, the middle grade 4 blade cartridges. I have been a user of Gillette's Mach3 since college, but after feeling like I have to bend over every time I buy replacement cartridges for that system, the price of 4, 4 blader cartridges from Dollar Shave @ only $6 per month was VERY enticing.

Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for Mike Dubin, the founder of Dollar Shave, his viral add was a HUGE success and he was back ordered for months! I placed my order on March 8th, my shipment didn't arrive until mid May.

Was it worth the wait?

O.M.G. YES!!!!

Now, I do use The Art of Shaving's products, but like a coffee grinder for the ultimate brew of Joe, the blade is the MOST important part of a shave.

My first reaction was simply this: Is this blade vaporizing the hairs on my face?

A branch new Mach3 razor was always nice, but there was always slight pulling on the hair. The Dollar Shave blades are like Star Trek phasers vaporizing the hairs! No pull!!!

It wasn't just a good shave, it was a SATISFYING shave. The weight of the handle was well balanced. The size of the razor was just slightly larger than the Mach3, but the extra 4th blade REALLY made the difference. And the price is VERY nice too :)

If you didn't know this, this is a triathlon blog. I am a dude. Dude triathletes shave their legs! Why? Well, for me, I do it to apply sunscreen to my legs without using half the bottle and spending 10 mins because my overly hairy legs gum up the sunscreen application process. Also in transition? I have about 60 seconds to transition from the swim to the bike. I am NOT wasting time on overly applying sunscreen. Also, leg hair is invincible to spray on sunscreen.

So, yes, I shave my legs (and buzz my arms).

After buzzing my legs (the first time of the season!) shaving my legs with the Dollar Shave Club blade

So there you have it. Stop wasting money on the brand names!!! Gillette owns 80% of the market. What do you do when you have cornered the market? Raise prices!!! What can you do instead? Switch to Dollar Shave and save some coins!!!

Hey Mike, wanna sponsor a triathlete?


  1. Replies
    1. Ur just jealous my legs are smoother ;)

  2. Everything I was going to say was lost after reading Beth's comment. LMFAO.

  3. I am also a member of Dollar Shave Club, I got my blades about 3 weeks ago and I love them! I use them to shave face and leggs (and arms too)!!!

    And with the membership, I can walk into any bar and get a free drink just by showing my membership card! (not really)

  4. No Jon, No! Don't ever say your legs are smoother than hers! You still have so much learning to do. haha

  5. I have been waiting for a full review. It looks like I need to join the club!

  6. Matt - join the club. I got the single blades and even those are great. I was cheap and went for the $1 but recently upgraded to the 6 blade so I'm waiting to have my face shaved off since it seems that these things vaporize your hair.....awesome.

  7. Are they still backordering of if I buy now do you think I'd get them any time soon? They sound AWESOME!

  8. I never saw the video, but it makes me want to invest. They need to do a female version of the video. You think he sold out when he offered it to men. Offer it to women and we'd be all over that! :)

  9. I've watched this video like a million times - it is freaking awesome!

    Haven't signed up yet due to the backorder issues but need to just do it. Being a hairy bastard I need my blades on time, dammit!

  10. I seriously didn't think this was a real business. Hilarious! I'm out of blades right now so I'll probably have to suck it up one more trip to Walmart, but I may have to check this out. I'm sure your legs are currently smoother than mine.

  11. You waited until now to shave the legs!?!?!?


    Was going to post the same thing as you, but wanted one more month to get an honest opinion formed. I have found that they work AWESOME for four to five leg shaves. However, only good for about 3-4 face shaves. Which doesn't bother me since I get 4 blades a month, works out perfect for me, but they loose their edge a bit quicker than the name brand alternative.

    Am I complaining??? NO F-ING WAY! I am saving money and very happy about it. But I cannot say they exceed name brand (which does not bother me).

    Great point on sunscreen and legs, when I was golfing yesterday, sunscreen went on w/ no issues, I have forgotten how much of a pain in the ass leg hair used to be haha.

  12. i remember this 'commercial' - it is a good one. i love that you bought some. i hope they've worked out their stock problems.


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