Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I bought a waffle maker.

Not just "A" waffle maker. I bought "THE" waffle maker. This thing is NOT a toy. It is "THE" real deal! GET IT!?!?


It is the Kitchen Aid ProLine Series Waffle Maker and it is one of the most badass appliances I have ever bought. Basically my brother has the same one, just by another brand, but is essentially the same thing. Making two huge belgian style waffles at once will truly ruin you for life.

My brother even brought his up to Lake Placid and they were making waffles topped with whipped cream and fresh strawberries while I was doing the first loop of the bike drinking gatorade and eating clif bars and Gu! No idea where I am going with this, but it just shows that this thing is worth traveling with! Heck, I have already been invited over to friend's house for brunch because of this waffle maker.

In terms of making waffles for training? OH YEAH!!! Need some quick energy? Ever had a peanut butter and jelly waffle sandwich? Just be careful, these things can be very calorie dense, but fortunately are VERY filling.

With it making 7.5 inch by 1.25 inch waffles, it uses up a lot of batter. Last night I doubled my waffle recipe and still only wound up with 6 waffles, and the batter wasn't too thick either.

It has an electronic timer that you can set depending on how done you like the waffles and what the recipe is. For my recipe, I finally discovered 4 minutes is needed to get the right done-ness. You will notice the bottom middle one was my final product. These came out to be ~600 calories per waffle, or a pre-long ride breakfast, especially if you add toppings. Told ya they are calorie bombs!!!

These freeze and thaw very well, so I kept a few in the fridge, then froze the rest. The downside to making waffles is that it is messy and a little time consuming and getting the maker out is a pain, so that's why I will make a lot more than necessary to offset the time and hassle costs.

So if you are looking for the ultimate waffle maker where you will NEVER need to buy another one ever again, I HIGHLY recommend this one!

As for recipes, here are two that are VERY good:
Sweet Potato Waffles
Buttermilk Waffles


  1. You KNOW its badass when you are buying the same kitchen appliances as your mother. BAM!

  2. Bacon and now waffles!! You opening a Breakfast diner?

  3. 600 calories per waffle? Yikes. That's the same as 1/3 lb of dark chocolate.

  4. Yummy! I love waffles. Actually, I just love anything that is breakfast. Jenn and I have a "normal" waffle maker, because I like them so much better than belgian. I'm glad you like your new machine.


    A double decker waffle maker? I honestly never knew these existed. I now know exactly what we have in common. Why buy the plain model when there is a super deluxe ultra version?!

    I am insanely jealous... but I know for a fact if I upgrade to a double decker delight, my tri suits will NOT fit and it will be ugly.

  6. I bet you could make an amazing grilled cheese sandwich with this sucker.

  7. make a waffle using brownie batter. add vanilla ice cream. THEN your life will be complete.

  8. You know they make these waffle makers in the shape of the state of Texas. Just saying! :)

  9. Saw this the other day on TV and while I have yet to make it I will be making them this week......wait for it, wait for it!!!

    French Toast Waffles.

    Slice the bread thick like a waffle and dip in the egg/milk/sugar/cinnamon batter and let it soak up the goodness then toss in the waffle maker.......

    I seriously had to get a napkin because I was drooling everywhtere.

  10. Well sure.... but where do you cook the bacon?

  11. You're in luck Rachael Ray Waffle Week is coming up in February!! A ton of amazingly awesome waffle recipes... including red velvet waffles!

  12. Omg WAFFLES!?! Will you marry me Jon?

  13. Oh my gosh... I need that same waffle maker! I dropped ours the other day and it cracked. I think that Tom might have cried a little. Housewarming present to myself? Hum...

  14. LOVE waffles! My husband got me a new waffle maker for xmas and I love it! Yum...waffles! I have an awesome recipe for lemon waffles and they are soooo goood!

  15. I refuse to admit my waffle breakfasts are that high in calories. I write down 300-400. Haha. Denial.

  16. I tagged you in a post today, play along if you want :D
    Purely because the bacon post cracked me up :)

  17. you may have just convinced me to go for a 4 hour ride this waffles!!

  18. HEY - I can comment from home! did you change a setting on your blog comment section back to the way you had it before? or its probably my end my personal home ccomputer working better?

    regardless the travelling waffle maker = Winning...unless you are biking watching people use it



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