Monday, January 9, 2012

NYRR Joe Kleinerman 10K Race Report

Gonna do this race report ABC style:

A) I finished in 43:21, a 1:33 PR
B) I haven't done ANY speedwork in a LONG LONG LONG time
C) 10K's still suck, cuz they hurt so bad
D) I had NO idea what was going to happen this morning
E) I set my last 10K PR at this very same race 13 months ago
F) I did a lot of speedwork leading up to the race 13 months ago
G) Do an Ironman. It bakes a certain degree of fitness into your body PERMANENTLY! (I am convinced!)
H) I felt like I worked a LOT harder 13 months ago for a slower finish
I) My average HR was higher during this attempt
J) I hit mile 4 at 28 mins flat, mile 5 at 35 mins flat. This made me happy
K) I remember when I died 13 months ago atop that stupid hill by the boat house on the east side
L) I knew how to tackle that stupid hill this time and survived this time
M) I hit mile 1 at a 7:13 and thought, "How cute! This ain't gonna last!"
N) I wanted to die at mile 4, and again at mile 5
O) Today's Mile Splits: 7:13, 7:07, 6:47, 6:51, 7:01, 7:08, 1:14
P) Mile Splits last time: 7:23, 7:12, 7:02, 7:15, 7:25, 7:04, 1:30
Q) Today's HR Splits: 167, 180, 181, 186, 188, 187, 189
R) HR Splits last time: 169, 180, 180, 181, 182, 181, 185
S) I then went for a 1 hour ride later in the afternoon because it was 60 outside. Its January!
T) My legs were super toasty and sore from the race
U) I won't lie, even though my HR was higher this time, I felt like I worked WAY less hard than last time
Va) I won't lie again, I was in better running shape last March (McMillan says so based off of this 15K!)
Vb) I am excited for what is to come this season!
Vc) I feel like my legs are strong, but my cardiovascular system is lacking a touch
Vd) I am in a good place to start this season!
W) I have made a bet with myself to PR all distances this season (* gulp! *)
X) Sometimes volume and a HUGE base is king
Y) The race turned into a sort of blogger meetup, seeing Jill and Bri, and then Emily (unexpectedly)
Z) I am fired up (and scared) for the Manhattan Half in two weeks.

How did your weekend shape up?


  1. This really would have been better if what you said for each letter actually started with the letter. Also, what do you get if you win/lose the bet?

    Oh, and congrats. Such a sweet time!

  2. Hell yeah! Gotta love it when everything comes together like that! Congrats!

  3. Running Jon-speed in races FTW!

  4. This is interesting...I had a similar experience with shorter races in the weeks after my marathon. Way faster at 5 mile/15k/half marathon than even just a few months earlier, but with a higher HR. I wonder if it's stronger muscles developed during all those long training sessions.

    Or maybe it's the time I spent blasting away on the bike trainer immediately after the marathon. Who knows. Either way, congrats on a great race.

  5. Base REALLY matters, as we are all learning!

    Nice PR dude, especially coming off the knee soreness.

    So it all begins, yet again!

  6. Someday I hope to have that elusive thing they call "base". Way to go on a solid race! Definitely "cute".

  7. I like this style race report :) and great job on your new shiny PR

  8. I 100 percent agree with (G). Permanent IM hangover FTW! Congrats on the PR.

  9. Congrats on the PR! I have never raced a 10K but they don't sound like a whole lot of fun

  10. great job on the race! congrats on the PR!!!

    ur r right, 10k do suck bc they do hurt! haha

  11. People don't realize how hilly Central Park is until they learn to curse it during a race. See ya at the Gridiron.

    Nice race.

  12. Awesome job on the race, sounds like it went perfect, congrats on the PR! LOl on the alphabet style race report.

  13. Great job man! My goal last year was to PR every distance... well I only got my 140.6 and 13.1 haha.

    As for your feelings, man, my cardio feels strong and my legs are weak. Want to trade? I can't get my lard ass up hills anymore :(

  14. ok, you are all fail. when you do it ABC, each line should start with that letter. you can't DO ANYTHING!

  15. All your base belong to us.

    Give it back.

  16. I like the recap format. Works!

    Amazing to see HRs in that range and think nothing of them. At the 15k this past weekend my max HR was 198, and when I hit that rate I didn't think I was working any harder than I was the previous two miles.

    PR those a Honey Badger and don't give a sh*t about those PRs and chase them down.

  17. Very good run. Did that improve your NYRR pace? Get you closer to always having a Blue Bib #? Or has that goal already been passed?

  18. Awesome, awesome job! It is amazing what doing an Ironman does to a body. Race for 12 hours and you can do anything for 43 minutes.

    Was your HR possibly higher this year because it was warmer than last year??? This weather has been absolutely crazy this "winter".

    I am seeing nothing but good things coming from you this year.

  19. A+ on your ABCs. A+ on your race! I like how you referred to your legs as "toasty" I'm stealing that.

  20. based on comment "N." I think you did the 10 right


  21. Dude, those splits are SICK! You're the man and are gonna be amazing!

  22. I didn't know you lived relatively close to the city. For some reason I pictured you in the upstate. Congrats on the PR! Any news for my high-paying career - since you turned in my "application" and all... ;)


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