Thursday, January 5, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Where are they? Maybe they all have rabies and are scared of the water, hence why my pool has been more empty than usual? I will take it....have they shown up at your gym?

At about 4 pm yesterday I almost caved and said "FUCK THIS! THIS IS SO FUCKING STUPID! I JUST WANT TO EAT SOME FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!"

Then I thought I was going to die at about 7PM last night, so I dragged myself to the pool (makes perfect sense, right?) and dropped 2500 yards in the pool. As soon as I got out I was shaking and dizzy. (fun!) So I went and made the last drink of the day, the cashew "milk" and maple syrup drink. OMG it had flavor and tasted WONDERFUL!

I then woke up this morning and ran almost 7 miles in an hour. Crazy stuff!

I was also down 4 lbs in 24 hours. Prolly even more after the run. Don't worry, its all water weight! I went to the bathroom yesterday.......A LOT!

Over New Year's I was introduced to one of the most amazing cycling routes on the east coast, Skyline Drive out in Front Royal, VA. We then got a reward that was OH-SO-YUMMY!

We climbed up there

Our reward

I only ate 6 :)
For those of you who don't know about Skyline, it goes 100+ miles from top to bottom (including 12,000 feet of elevation) before it links up to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Hello cycling nirvana!

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  1. Those doughnuts looked like an amazing reward...especially after the cleanse! Nice work in the pool and the run. You're the man!

  2. Nobody makes a resolution to swim. Only weirdos do that. Who wants to smell like chlorine and walk around with goggle marks? Oh, wait, MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  3. Its because they are all in my pool, I thought some kind of mini party was going on last night, wow

    Hungry, then swim, which makes you more hungry, interesting night

  4. Good work on your cleanse. How long are you doing it?

  5. Just reading about your drinks makes me feel like going to the bathroom... and barfing! Good luck with that.

    Great job on the ride, those poor donuts never had a chance.

  6. Wow, what a ride. I might have to put that on the bucket list!
    My pool has been empty too. Here's to knocking on wood!


  7. Oh skyline drive ... I have not been yet, but plan on doing so to get lots of good hill work in :)

  8. I don't know... I assume every year the zombie apocalypse occurs at my rec center... so I avoid it like the plague! Will find out tonight though if my pool has become a breading ground or not.

    I hate NOT eating... so sad.

  9. The resolutioners have not shown up at my pool either but then again I doubt those people will ever show up to go swimming at 5am. That being said the gym was packed Tuesday night when I went up there to go to yoga, but yoga was fairly empty. Lesson: swim and do yoga in January....BOOM!

  10. So I'm riding Skyline on Saturday. WANT DONUTS.

  11. I haven't noticed the resolutioners at the pool yet, but my abs class at lunch was PACKED! I guess people are planning on dropping their holiday 15 by doing 20 minutes of crunches and planks?


  12. RABIES!

    also I am going to eat at least 6 of those donuts this weekend while you are eating.....ummm....water?

  13. I was texting with Kevin last night while sitting in my car in the gym parking lot. I had too park in the ancillary lot in the back. I texted Kevin that my gym looks like the Walmart the Saturday before Christmas. It was even crazier once I got inside.

    Luckily I was there for Run Club so we quickly exited the gym for the outdoors but the resolutionists were out in droves!

  14. Fact - resolutioners do not like cold weather. I did not see any of them when I was out running this morning.

  15. i don't get the whole cleanse thing.
    you should do a donut cleanse
    all donuts all day

  16. The pool hasn't been too bad. A few resolutioners but not nearly as bad as the two weeks the students are off from Christmas and all the college students are home. THAT was miserable.

    I think you need to ride Skyline both ways in one day. Gotta earn those donuts.

  17. I think all of your resolutioners are at my pool! It has been a mad house for days!!!! I was sharing a lane with a guy the other day, and in the middle of our laps two ladies in ruffly bathing suits jumped in the other end of the lane…with noodles. And proceeded to float around like it was a lazy river.
    It is madness over here, madness I tell you!

    That cleanse = hardcore. I'm not even close to brave enough to try that.

  18. the "January Joiners" showed BIG TIME at my gym. Although I haven't swam since December, so not sure if they know how to swim or not...

  19. I was wondering if you were cleansing too! I just finished my week of juice and feel great. What is your approach this time? I did BPC again. I just love it.

    My pool is also empty, but the cardio and weights area is JAMMED with people who haven't seen a gym in a year.

  20. I was just thinking this morning that for only two weeks into the new year... the gym is lookin a liiiitle skimpy here. Oh well, more room for me! ;)

    Those donuts look bomb. No lies. There's this apple orchard about an hour out of the city that has fresh HOT cider donuts in the fall. Ridiculous.


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