Wednesday, December 14, 2011

(random) Wordless Wednesday

This is what finally got me from Fort Meyers to Key West after a LONG day of travel


  1. I never been in a small plane like that, what was it like?

    Still waiting for you to tell me what impressionist is?

  2. Little puddle jumper right there!

    I would have been like "hell no!" and got a rental car!

  3. I flew in a puddle jumper once and it felt like every time a bird farted the plane shook. They scare the hell out of me now.

    I'm with Jeff....rental car, train, boat but not that thing.

    Did the pilot actually spin the blades?

  4. LOL @ Jason's comment. Best comment ever.

  5. Did you know that bees hear out of their elbows?

  6. Holy crap, that looks like the kind of planes I fly in to check out the woods!! Tiny!!!

    AND what is up with a drink you can't drink????? :)


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