Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I ain't gonna lie....

2011 was a good year. Not my best, but a good solid year. It was also a tough year filled with lots of hurt and pains (both physically and emotionally), but a few highlights sprinkled in here and there made it a successful year.

I learned a lot about myself and what I want and where I want to go with my life.

I finally hit a wall and realized that I can't avoid that balance of real life vs triathlon life. There is a needed separation between the two, and real life needs to take first chair. Triathlon is just a hobby, after all. (albeit a time consuming one!)

If you are unhappy, first figure out why, then change things so that you are happy!

If there is something that you want, GO GET IT!!!

I finally realized who "my people" are. If you are a beer drinking runner/swimmer/cyclist/triathlete dork who doesn't mind staring at graphs and nerding out over zombies, welcome to my club! (I am currently taking applications for membership....)

I realized that yes, you can spend $22,000 a year on Ironman and triathlon. I did not spend anywhere close to this much, but I realized that it is totally possible.

My pride has been my biggest downfall. My knee injury was prolonged due to my hubris and lack of respect of listening to others. I also wish I had a crystal ball.

Saddle sores suck, and yes, they do prevent you from riding at your potential.

ALWAYS wear sunscreen between the hours of 10AM and 4PM, even if it is pouring rain for 90 mins and even if there is a 5% chance that it will become bright and sunny for the next 4.5 hours. It happened, because there was a 5% chance.

Eating 11 Gu's in one day IS possible. I don't recommend it.

There is no one magic food. There is no one way to train. EVERYONE is different and has different needs/goals.

Going out of your comfort zone sucks, but in the end it bears fruit and you will learn something about yourself that you never knew you were capable of.

If you have a coach, listen to him/her! This is why you have a coach!

If I thought that I worked hard this past season, this next season is gonna make 2011 look like cake!

Don't always expect success 100% of the time.

I find it funny that you figure out how to do something properly immediately after you completely fail at it the first time. Learn from your mistakes, anyone? Unfortunately sometimes it takes 13 months before you can apply that learned mistake!

Avocado and red wine and dark chocolate are some of the best things on earth.

Meeting other bloggers is awesome. Nuff said.

I am proud to say that I have actual friends spread out all across the country, and a lot of them I have met through the internet. Creepy? Fortunately none of you are! (so far....) :)

Finally, I really just want to PR every single distance I attempt in 2012!

Wishing you a happy and fruitful and uber successful 2012!!!!


  1. First of all, there is a magic food and it is a dark chocolate champagne truffle. From Teuscher. Second of all, you met me and I am creepy.

    But congrats on the educational year.

  2. That was one of the most enjoyable 2011 recaps I've read. Can I join your club minus the zombie part?

  3. I notice you didn't learn that running slower sometimes can help you heal. Maybe in 2012.

    I'm glad it was a good year for you. I am a little scared for what 2012 will look like if 2011 was just the warm-up.

  4. We had some similarities in our years. Just remember, you're a mother fucking ironman, and that's pretty much all that matters in life.

  5. I learned what Saddle sores were this year... NOT fun.

    Good luck in 2012

  6. I finally realized who "my people" are. If you are a beer drinking runner/swimmer/cyclist/triathlete dork who doesn't mind staring at graphs and nerding out over zombies, welcome to my club! (I am currently taking applications for membership....)

    Jon, you complete me!

    Great year brother, awesome time hanging in Galveston, and IMMT has potential to be the best time evah!

  7. I hope you have a great 2012 and I look forward to hearing about it!

  8. Yay! I'm one of your people! :)

    Here's hoping we get to meet in 2012 cuz I'd def like to be one of your IRL friends and not just a creepy internet friend. :)

  9. Only $22k? How? Can't find that in any graph. Maybe a zombie hid it.

  10. Thanks for sharing what you've learned. Very insightful!

  11. Sounds like you had a great 2011! Your post above is funny, it mirrors my own random thoughts of 2011!

  12. "Eating 11 Gu's in one day IS possible. I don't recommend it." ha ha ha

    And yes, blogger meetups rock. I was thinking the other day that I could totally travel the country now and actually see people I know. Kind of cool.

    2012 is going to rock

  13. I think you summed it all up pretty well. 2012 is going to be amazing! Don't forget the sunscreen!

  14. Do I need to apply for membership? Or am I grandfathered in?

    Always wear sunscreen? Do we need to queue up that 90's graduation song??

    Looking forward to the most epic blogger meetup ever in August.

  15. Dude, this post right here is 100% wrapping up all the thoughts swirling in my head regarding my 2011 as well (give or take).

    However, 2012 will yield NO PRs for me. I want to take it easy and have fun this year and not focus on pushing my limits like I have the past two years.

    Keep logging those base miles man, start off on the right foot and LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! (That is probably the biggest thing I finally learned after last year's injury fest).

    Oh yeah... Jeff, kinda gay there... just sayin ;)

  16. you had a great year!! Lots of new experiences and the most important of course you crossed that finish line - 140.6 baby! was great to meet you and be on the same ironman course as you what a day. Congrats and all the best in 2012!


  17. Cheers to 2012! May you have a great year!

  18. If there's something you want, go get it! Love this. And "my people." Yup.

  19. Geez, way to put IM spending in perspective. I refuse to actually do the math, but I bet it'd be up in that range.

    There are a lot of things I want and need to go get.

    2011 was great, but 2012 is going to treat you REALLY well, I'm sure of it!

  20. Happy New Year! But how do you know the people you met on the internet don't think you're creepy? Think about it.

  21. I'm finding myself in the same place... where I'm trying to figure out the balance between tri life and real life.
    How'd you find it??? Where???? Give me your secrets!!!! :)

    Happy New Year! Congrats on all of your 2011 accomplishments. You'll rock 2012!!!!!!!

  22. I don't drink, don't look at graphs anymore, don't watch zombies so I'm out of the club but I am a runner/triathlete so maybe you will have a different club......

    It is amazing what you learn about yourself when you stop what you are doing and look at it with a clear mind.


  24. Love this list! I hope that you take everything you learned and use it make all of your 2012 PR dreams come true. :)

  25. Great great recap! :) 2012 is going to be amazing. Did you know that I might be at IMMT as a sherpa. Maybe. I'm working on it!


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