Friday, December 23, 2011

Random Friday Facts

Two guys standing next to each other in the bathroom should NEVER EVER talk to one another. It can wait! However, if the other is either an art director or THE director of the film, you HAVE to talk. Sigh.... (and yes, it's still awkward)

Steak + Avocado = YUM

The first time I ordered a Caesar Salad I asked if I could get Thousand Islands dressing on it.

For a time, I HATED Caesar Salad.

Now I LOVE LOVE LOVE Caesar long as it doesn't taste "burnt."

I really hate responsible people. Why? They make all of us irresponsible people look bad.

I don't drink coffee in the morning. Unless its on a weekend morning and I am gorging my face with pancakes, bacon, and eggs.

I don't drink coffee in the morning because my AM workout usually wakes me up!

I only drink coffee with copious amounts of sugar (in the raw!) and heavy cream.

Coffee is a dessert on my personal menu.

Black coffee? BLECH!

I was once given hot chocolate in the form of chocolate nibs the size of almonds.

I ate all of the nibs, one at a time, paired with an almond.

I am a strange person when it comes to food, in case you didn't already know.
  • Exhibit A: I would fly to Savannah, GA, eat a slice of Vinnie Van Go Go's Tomato Basil and Feta, then fly home
  • Exhibit B: I would fly to Chicago, eat an entire pie of Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Classic, and fly home
  • Exhibit C: I would fly to New Orleans, eat an entire plate of Beignet's from Cafe Du Monde, get powdered sugar all over me, and fly home

Does it bother you when someone says, "Oh, I LOVE food!" ?!?!

Doesn't this person say it like, "OH! I just reinvented the wheel!" they are the first person to ever come to the realization that they LOVE food more than the next person?

That being one person you know who HATES food?!?

I hate biting into a soft apple, or an apple with skin that cuts your gums.

I can only eat an apple now if I have peanut butter to eat it with

I am off my "made at home" all natural peanut butter kick and am back onto the super processed "palm oil added" peanut butter

I can't stop eating citrus. It is SO GOOD this season!

Yesterday was Dec 22nd. The WINTER solstice and shortest day of the year. It also hit 54 degrees. I ran outside in shorts in the morning then went out for an almost 20 miler @ lunch. Isn't that GREAT?!?!

Everytime I go to Target, EVERY TIME, there is some kid SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER while mom and dad are completely oblivious. Target should be renamed to be 'ABC'.......Audible Birth Control.

I'm not gonna lie, I have been in a bit of a blogging funk for oh, the past 3 months. If I haven't commented on your blog as often, don't take it personally! Work has been El Nutso and keeping up outside of work has been even more El Nutso. I am REALLY looking forward to the New Year when everything can.just.calm.the.F.down.

That being said, wishing you have a VERY HAPPY Chrismahnakwanafestivus!


  1. OMG! I LOVE food too! And water, OMG, that is so good! Have you ever had water, OMG!

    Dude, how much you weight right now? That is some fattening shit you be talking about up on your blog pages.

  2. Were you hungry when you wrote this? You seemed to be a little fixated on the food and drink categories.

  3. Never ever ever talk work in the bathroom. Not acceptable. There is a woman at my office who does it all the time and it makes me angry.

    I am also angry that you do not comment on every post on my blog. WHY NOT???

  4. Avocado makes everything better. Except maybe coffee.

  5. Avocado is awesome. nuff said.

    Funny you write about flying to a certain place because yesterday I texted my wife that I wanted to drive to Austin to get pizza. I would have done it if not for the kid.....should have gone to Target more often. DAMN I could have had pizza.

    Did I tell you how much I just LOVE to Drink Coffee while Eating FOOD and then washing it all down with more BLACK COFFEE. SOOOOO GOOOODD!

    Merry Christmas.

  6. I heart food! Funny story about Cesar salad. I too love Cesar salad, but apparently I like "poor people's Cesar salad". I once ordered it from a fancy restaurant and got salad with anchovies on top. I told the waiter it wreaked like fish and made him take it back. Little did I know that's the way fancy people make Cesar salad....iiiick!!!

  7. Omg LOVE food. Seriously.

    I also feel sad for people who RUIN coffee with sugar. It completely destroys the flavor!

  8. Hahaha. Now I know how to mess with you. Next time I see you in the bathroom, I'm going to be asking questions like Access Hollywood--

  9. As someone who works at Target, the kids can get on your nerves pretty wuick, but then again, all the Christmas crowds can get on your nerves really quick!

    I love Food also! Just Say'n

  10. Hard apples all the way. Well…crisp anyways. Apples are best when they are cold and just out of the fridge!

  11. You are from a scotch and tea drinking heritage. Your coffee commentary will be ignored. Stick to what you know! (jokin'... sort of..heh.) Happy Holidays all.

  12. I am going to have to comment with all the mental chatter that popped into my head while reading this.... :D

    - I think you would like Chino Latino in Minneapolis... check out their menu. (Then fly here, eat, visit me!!, and fly home.)
    - Black coffee = black gold. And dessert. And perfect for the AM hour because while working out may wake you up, coffee wakes up your ... um... colon.
    - I don't actually know what a Beignet is, but I like powdered sugar things. Puppy chow... donut holes.... hmm now I'm thinking about churros. You're making me hungry for bad things at 6am!
    - I LOOOOVE food! kidding. ;) I actually kind of don't right now since all these narcotics make me feel like I'm going to puke.
    - Can we put citrus on the dessert list? Clementines? Huge juicy navel oranges cut in circle slices so you can eat one triangle at a time?
    - I was at Target the other day... cruisin around (read: .25 mph) in my handicapped cart, and heard this like 4 year old boy tell his mom "you better watch your mouth!" If I was his MOM riding that power cart, I might have accidentally backed over him.

    That is all, my friend! I hope you are funk-free for whatever you are celebrating this wonderful time of year! Cheers :)


  13. Ever had a honeycrisp apple? Crisp, crunchy, and tastes like candy. Peanut butter not even necessary.

    Merry Christmas!

  14. i'm offended anyway.

    honestly i don't know why anyone would want to procreate looking at youth today. but, i sure hope those who do chose to have babies will not pamper and make them think they are God's gift to the world...

    merry christmas!

  15. I LOVE FOOD.

    Merry Chrismahnakwanafestivus!! hahaha

    Buddy, hope to see you lots in 2012! I will bring some chocolate gu for you.

  16. Holy heck... any store around the holidays is like birthday control. I will never have a child in September! :)

    Mmm... food. You are totally right. No one ever says "Man I hate food". Hahaha

  17. Hmmmmm most people would have a hard time following this post, but I was all over w/ you haha.

    YES, I would fly to Chicago for my very own pizza pie!!!!!! Blogger meet up? What? :)

    Hope you had a great Christmas!

  18. You know I love food, maybe a bit too much! Looking forward to some eat-ride-eat-ride adventures when it warms up a bit.

  19. I would fly to Savannah to eat Vinnie's with you. You know, in case you ever need company.

  20. Coffee is for more than just waking up.


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