Monday, November 14, 2011

The Weekend Wrap Up

Another weekend of no sleep. But it was a fun one! I guess I can best describe it as getting things "accomplished?"

Friday night was spent in a seedy dive bar listening to a friend's band play live music. I call them the kings of funk and they are REALLY good! I prolly drank way too much Magic Hat but at least I scored another great bottlecap!

Has the weather this month already made up for all of October and most of September? The past two weekends have been amazing, especially Saturday. I was able to get outside on the bike for two hours. For those of you who know me, I am a creature of habit. Some may think I am a tad insane repeating the same thing over and over again seeking a different outcome. I do this on the bike a lot. Always riding the same course. Well, this time I just decided to start out on the usual route through the mean streets of Greenwich, but then explore roads that I have always wanted to explore. This brought me up a few new hills, including a nice European style switchback. My legs responded as well!

The end of the ride was marked by this:

The last standing tree with all of its leaves on AND in peak color

The rest of Saturday was spent eating hot dogs and car shopping (not for me).

Fortunately I only received one smart ass response (you know who you are! ;) ).

Finally Sunday, race spectating day in Prospect Park in Brooklyn. My Ironman friend Jill was seeking another podium spot and her friend Brie was seeking one as well.

Well, first I ran for an hour around the park for a few laps for my "long" run in anticipation for next weekend. Was it the cool crisp air? Is my knee finally healed? Was I just yearning to run fast again? I don't know, but maybe it is all three? So this happened:

For me right now, this is a HUGE success. I didn't reel like I was pushing it; I just RAN.

Now back to spectating, the race director decided to put on 5 events all at once. Yes, 5! Three difference duathlon distances plus a 5K and 10K run. I can only describe how disorganized this race was by this when one VERY unhappy 10K RUNNER found me on the BIKE course.

Him: "Hey, have you seen anyone else like me with a number out there?"
Me: "Um, I think you are off course!"
Him: "Mother F$%&@#!. Mother F$%&@#! Mother F$%&@#! I know exactly WHICH Mother F$%&@#! I am going to kick his @$$!"


Felt bad for him! But.......I got nothing. Don't you......? Think......? Yeah.....

Anyways, Jill and Brie cleaned up the Duathlon by taking Women's OVERALL #2 and #3. Go Jill and Brie!

And it was also a nice reunion with Jill and I since Lake Placid. Hey Jill! TOMAHAWK! BWAHAHAHAHA!

And finally, running on fumes, I quickly baked up another batch of the Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies, and drove to Stamford to watch Zombies get slaughtered.

How was your weekend? Saw lots of you awesome bloggers running long, hitting HUGE milestone PR's and conquering new distances.


  1. Glad to hear the running is going better! You must be pumped about that :).

  2. Same course everytime??? Do you go the opposite way every so often?

    I want cookies!!!

  3. Great news about your run/knee!! You just packed it in this weekend. Tired just reading all of this!

  4. I disagree with that bottle cap, this whole weekend looks like winning to me!

  5. Awesome weekend. Mine was not nearly as much fun!

    SO jealous you got to hang with Jill. You two rock. Hey. I have that jacket too! :)

    SO fawesome about your knee!!

  6. Awesome news on the knee!!! Sounds like you might be in the clear.

  7. That poor guy off course... I hate races that try and cram too much into one event. That tree is beautiful! We're having a great Fall here in Washington, but I think it is finally come to an end because ski resorts are about to open and the pretty fall colors are starting to fade. :(

  8. So psyched about your run! Also, if you wanted to find a way for those cookies to magically appear in Philly next weekend, I would seriously approve of that plan.

  9. cookies!

    also, i'm very excited about your run. please bring some of that speed with you and rub it all over my face before the race starts next week k thanks.

  10. ignored the tweet yesterday about the pumpkin choco-chip cookies and had hoped that it was all behind me AND NOW PICTURES!!!!!!

    Dial it in Jason. Dial it in!

    Great job on the run and more than anything I hope its the knee that is reacting properly.

  11. That totally sucks about that guy that was off track. What an idiot to do 5 races in the same place. That must have been confusing. Man, you're friends are beastly to dominate like that. Good for them! I'm glad you had a great weekend.

  12. Please tell me "mean streets of Greenwich" was a WWE Sweatervest Mafia joke.

  13. IPA Update. Picked up Hop Devil from Victory Brewing this weekend. It might trump Long Trail for monster hop flavor. I didn't have a side by side comparison tho...
    What's next weekend? Are you running the NYRR 5 miler too?

  14. wow i get a blog photo shout out - i feel like a blog celebrity!! thx again for driving me & jill around the boroughs!! we owe you some IPAs.

  15. Looks like a fun weekend! I'm glad to see that your speed is ready for Sunday. :)

  16. i missed the previous baking of pumpkin cookies... tear.

    i'll have to try out a sugar-free version. won't that be tasty.

  17. nice run!

    this was hilarious

    "Hey, have you seen anyone else like me with a number out there"


  18. Such a fun weekend! It was great to catch up with you. I say we hit up a 2013 IMLP reunion! Thanks again for cheering, brunching then driving!!

  19. ummmm FYI, you have holes in your jeans. That is all.


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