Friday, November 18, 2011

Random Friday Facts

I get violent if I am in the grocery store for longer than I need to be

I have a "note" app on my phone that I make my grocery lists. I use the checkist feature. I get satisfaction in having a completely crossed off list.

I swear I am not OCD!

I may have just totally lied ;)

I may have made my Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies for four weekends in a row.

There is nothing wrong with that. AT. ALL.

Does this commercial make you want to chop this dude's balls off?

I don't think he has any, because she owns them now.

I REALLY hate McDonald's commercials!

Two crispy chicken snack wraps with honey mustard and a chocolate milk shake is SO FUCKING GOOD!

^^^from McDonald's, of course

A goal is going to be achieved this weekend. Even if I have to carry all 136 pounds of it at a sub 7 pace!!! RAWRRRRRR!!!!

Whenever I have to split a lane with someone at the pool, I want to give them a stupidity test. Most likely they are stupid and don't understand that THIS IS MY SIDE OF THE FUCKING LANE!

I sometimes wish I knew butterfly...

PEANUT BUTTER GU IS FINALLY FREAKING AVAILABLE!!!!! Hoping to find some at the Expo tomorrow :)

You should do a google search for "peanut butter gu"........can you tell me which web-site comes up? ;)

Don't you hate it when your Garmin is searching for a satellite and the bar gets within a sliver of finding it, then it BOUNCES BACK?!?!?

Leftover asparagus is good for one thing, goat cheese and asparagus omelettes!

I can't eat a salad anymore unless it has bountiful amounts of avocado in it. Not lots, bountiful.

Also, nothing its automatic, its automagic; its not humongous, its ginormous. (TWSS)

Saying the word "totes" to me makes me want to retaliate with nails down a fucking chalkboard. Same with "dec"

I am actually a passive person ;)

That's all I got! Have a great weekend!


  1. So with you on the grocery store. I get fidgety and annoyed and just have to leave.

    Are you down to 136lbs? that would be awesome!

    i could understand the McD's commercial if the GF was smoking hot but she is anything but. Why play that game if you are the dude?

    At Saturday at the RnR marathon expo I asked the GU people about Peanut Butter GU. They had no idea and asked me where I heard it from. I told them my buddy Jon Tweeted it and suggested they all get on the Twitter because the Twitter is all knowing. Annie walked away from me half way through this conversation.

  2. Its never a good idea to tell me when you don't like a word. I totes use it epically from then on.

  3. I wish there was a "like" button on blogger comments. I want to like victoria's comments. Butterfly is totes the best stroke. All the other ones are just dec.

  4. the grocery store is totes the worst place on earth.

  5. also, 136lbs, thanks! i've eaten nothing but aspirin since monday!

  6. If I could choose a line of work I'd do everyone's grocery shopping for them. I love it!! I have just discovered the yum of avocado, it's a close second to poutine. ;-)

  7. My Garmin constantly taunts me. If it wasn't so expensive I'd probably stomp on it regularly.

    And I'll come do your grocery shopping for you if you'll make me pumpkin chocolate chip goodies.

  8. My garmin has been doing that more and more lately. It's like an abusive relationship because I could never leave it, even when it's being a jerk.

  9. I'm totes with you on a lot of this stuff.

    Jennie and I have an app on our iPhone called Grocery iQ (not sure if there is an Android version). It is basically a shared Grocery list. Best part - it has a built in UPC scanner. So when we take the last of something out of the pantry, we can scan the barcode and it gets added to the list.

    My Garmin has been behaving lately. Fingers crossed. The reason it does that is because the government is trying to get a fix on your location. Better run with a tin foil hat.

    Lady next to me at the pool was a butterfly-er in College. She had to do a straight 1,000yds fly as one of her workouts. Ouch. She still does about 100yds of fly each day.

    Love that video!

  10. Oh my gosh... you are hysterical! :)

    Again, you lied to us. Stop doing that.

    And why have you not sent me any pumpkin cookies?

    No love...


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