Friday, November 11, 2011

Random Friday Facts

DON'T have a conversation with me in the bathroom at work. Ever.

Kraft Mac & Cheese out of the box was my favorite food when I was 5. It was the holy grail. Nothing was better than that. My mom would lace it with Tuna to make it "healthy." One day I might forgive her for that. Love you Mom!

I had Kraft Mac & Cheese outa the box with ketchup and coined hot dogs for dinner last night.

Except I had no hot dogs. I just lied about 33% of my dinner.

My running shoes are RED.

The New England Patriots are my team.

If the New England Patriots are good, I love love LOVE all things football

If the New England Patriots are bad, I couldn't care less about football

I like to watch ESPN news every morning while I stretch and foam roll after I workout

Right now it sickens me to watch ESPN news because all they show is the Penn State football scandal. What is wrong with people?!?!

"The Walking Dead" is the best show on TV right now.

The only show I watch on TV right now is "The Walking Dead"

I can't remember the last time I bought normal clothes

I REALLY need to buy new normal clothes

I can tell you exactly the last time I bought a workout clothing item

Anytime I listen to Mumford & Sons I want to:
A) Get into a bare knuckled boxing match with a guy with a handlebar mustach
B) Drink a pint. Not a beer. A pint.
C) Wish I was Irish?

Say this word RIGHT NOW, "MoooooooooooSTACH -e-oooooooo" (with an Italian accent)

I want to race Texas 70.3 next April.....but I need a private jet to pull that one off.

Flying with a bike sucks

I once asked my swimming instructor when I was five what would happen if lightening struck the sun

I then asked my parents how God got the skin on people

I am not a 100% normal person, if you don't know that already. Those of you who have met me?

I am heading into race spectator slut season. That means I will be spectating everyone else' races this early winter season. Gotta return the favor!

You gotta watch out for parking garage concrete pillars. Sometimes they just like to jump out at you!

Mmmmmmmmm, beer.

I have recently (and finally) developed a taste for IPA. Basically it has to be Magic Hat (especially Hex).

Ask an obvious question, expect an obvious answer ;)

I can't bite and chew on dark chocolate. Its too bitter. I have to let it slowly dissolve until it becomes sweet. THAT is how you eat dark chocolate. is 11/11/11

I turn 30 on 12/12/12!!! Eeeeks! But! Send in your requests now for invitation. Its gonna be the party of the Century! Something about renting a huge house down in Costa Rica with live in bar tender and chef?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Your first one is a rule that everybody should respect. Including the woman who tried to talk to me about nuclear reactor system response to seismic events while I was peeing. Not OK.

  2. tuna is disgusting. how do you look at yourself in the mirror?

  3. @Katie: He doesn't look at himself in the mirror. It is too high off of the floor. :-P

    Sports news is downright sickening now. Had to even turn off the evening news last night with the PSU story followed by the mistreatment of returning heroes bodies at Dover AF Base.

    I have to get you a Founders IPA - expand your horizons a bit.

    Have a little man crush on Tom Brady??

    And the question isn't how the skin gets on people. The question is how does God stuff the skin with bones, muscle, tissue, etc.?

    Oh, and if you secure that private jet, let me know.

  4. You should do these posts more often.

  5. mmm, powdered cheese. There really isn't anything better.

  6. I love mac and cheese with tuna!

    I haven't found a love yet for IPAs.

    Please invite me to your party!

  7. There's nothing wrong with a little man crush on Tom Brady. I might just have one too.

    I STILL love Mac and Cheese.

    Happy early birthday!

  8. Tuna with mac n cheese isn't healthy??? WHAT?

    WHO the hell talks to someone when they are going to the bathroom??

    I am with you on the Pats..and Mumfod! I FREAKING LOVE THOSE GUYS!

    I still love mac n cheese

    I have no normal clothes. Everything I have is lycra and fleece...

  9. PS I think you are totally normal. Maybe we both are tweaked?

  10. How God got the skin on people? LOL.

    PS: I love Mumford and Sons!

  11. Add this to your list of random Friday Fun Facts. On that exact day you turn 30 I will turn 38 and be exactly 8 years older than you.....that is random especially when you toss in the fact that I used to live around the corner from where you live now......

    And I don't get it when people do this:
    Ask an obvious question, expect an obvious answer ;)

    That your response is both obvious and sarcastic.

  12. I hate the people that talk to me while peeing or pooping. Seriously, you don't talk to me all fricking day and we are lined up next to each other holding our penises and it's now a "great time for a conversation"??? wow.

    I wear clothes I owned in high school still haha, no need to buy new clothes. However, workout gear, need new stuff every season!

    Frankie loves hot dogs and mac N cheese.

    Is it true that your mirror is too high for you to see yourself in the morning?

  13. Send invite for CR..we are so in!

    So glad I do not work in an office.

    Dude, check Southwest to Hobby, i will pick you up

  14. My private jet is in the shop, but if it is fixed in time you can borrow it to fly to Texas.

    I prefer watching Mike & Mike instead of ESPN news. But they were only discussing Penn State this week too. :(

  15. this is hysterical! IPA = Goose island. Yum. And Long Trail also has a decent one.

  16. "DON'T have a conversation with me in the bathroom at work. Ever."

    I think no one would do that :S

  17. I like the Pats as my second fav team because the Lions have sucked for a long time

    Yes, red, because of the "flash"

    Volunteering while spectating?

  18. count me in for 12/12/12!! are you renting a jet for everyone? ;)

    i love ketchup on mac and cheese. i used to put ketchup on everything... corn, rice, mashed potatoes... i've matured a little now.

  19. Training now for 70.3 Galveston. You should come down to the CoT and get your passport stamped. Make sure you have your queer shots up to date or they might not let you in.

    Don't even sweat bringing the bike; we can share. You'll probably be in T2 by the time I get out of the water anyway.

  20. 1) I live in Boston but I cannot say that the Pats are MY TEAM. I mean, they should be... but most of my friends up here are transplants like me, and none of us grew up with the Pats. And everyone would laugh at me if I rooted for the Redskins.
    2) WALKING DEAD. IS. THE. BEST. SHOW. EVER. Morgan, Spike, and I might have watched three episodes in a row when I visited Michigan earlier in November for work.
    3) I trained for my marathon last winter solely listening to Mumford & Sons and Eminem. Who knows.

  21. I like your stance on football... :D

  22. mmmm - Kraft Mac and Cheese is the bomb. I love that you lied to us about 33% of your meal. Dude... not cool!


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