Sunday, September 16, 2007

It got COLD!

Remember those mornings last spring when you walked outside and it was 54 degrees out and you said, "YES! it is WARM out this morning!" This morning was that same temperature, but instead it was more of a, "NO! it is COLD out this morning!" Amazing how 54 degrees feels warm after a long spout of cold, and then only 3-4 months later how 54 degrees feels frigid after a spout of warmth.

This morning (besides the cold) was a morning where I didnt want to wake up. Yesterday I was up in Cooperstown, NY (where the baseball hall of fame is) visiting with my sister at a brewery called Ommegang for a tiny beer festivel. Ommegang is one of my favorite breweries including a few of their beers called Hennepin and Witte. They do make this Chocolate Stout, but no thanx, its a bit too bitter for my buds.

But I got back from that trip late last night and was drained from the drive, thus not wanting to get up this morning. Finally I made it outside and started the run. This morning's call from to start week six was pretty easy: 5 min run, 3 min walk, 8 min run, 3 min walk, 5 min run, with 5 min warm up and cool down walks on either side. The first 5 was a piece of cake. The 8 min run was no big deal until I stopped. OUCH! This has never happened before during a run where when I stopped my calf muscles tightened up. I felt like i was walking like a chicken because I couldnt fully extend my leg when walking. Ah well...

The final 5 min run I knew was going to hurt, but fortunately it was somewhat on a downslope with a flat finish. I guess I need to stretch more after the run.

I find it funny how after completing a milestone (I did 20 mins last thursday morning straight without walking and felt AWESOME after finishing) then going to a shorter run walk workout that the shorter workout hurts MORE than the longer run. I guess i hit a peak last thursday and have fallen down into a canyon, now starting to make my way out before I peak again. Hopefully tues AM's run wont have any shark biting calfs!


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