Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Finished strong

This morning was definately another morning of not wanting to get up and hitting the snooze, for oh, an HOUR! OOPS! Last night I made Greek Gyros and some home made Tzatziki sauce. Had a good dinner, bottle of Kendall Jackson Chardonay and a bottle of Ommegang's The Philosophers (8.5% ABV), so I was feeling pretty good last night (and yes I shared it with two others). Alcohol will put you to sleep, but it will also wake you up at 2:30 AM and not let you go back to bed sleepy. So no more booze the night before a workout.

Good thing it is not super hot after I get out of work anymore. So I held out until after work for my run. However, it is pretty clear that the days are getting shorter almost exponentially every day. I think its going to be no more excuses for sleeping in on running mornings and just suck it up and deal for the remaining 2-3 weeks of the coolrunning.com plan. Also, only beer once a week too! That stuff is good, but man it can screw up the next morning!

But back to the run. Today's menu was a 10 min run, 3 min walk, 10 min run. The first ten were boring but not too bad. Today was one of those runs where my breathing was good, but my calfs hurt. Other days its the opposite. Again when I stopped after the first 10 min run, I felt that burn in my calfs, which reminds me that I haven't eaten a banana in a while. Although I have been told that the potassium from bananas prevents muscle cramps, I really haven't ever noticed if it trully does. So tomarrow I am going to buy some bananas and eat em more reguarly. Hopefully its true and it will limit cramps. But then again it could just be soreness all along. Finally towards the end of the last 10 min run, I caught sight of how much time was left on my watch and it said 2.5 mins. I said, you know what, you have killed yourself up Mt Ventoux in France for 2 hours straight, 2.5 mins of picking up the pace wont hurt as bad. So I picked up the pace for 2.5 mins and it hurt, but it was one of those this feels good hurts (mentally and physically). Besides, it showed that if you ever want to become competetive with this, that THIS is a pace that you are going to have to consider to be a normal pace. But I have to show restraint. This pace will come naturally; first things first, being smart and conservative towards my goal of running 3 miles without stopping and eventually a triatholon.

This thursday will be another test, run 25 mins straight. No more booze and more sleep and bananas. That will be my mantra until 8:30 AM Thursday when I am done.


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