Saturday, September 29, 2007

Feeling great

28:09...not bad I think. I felt great from the start this morning and the greatness really didnt stop (until the last 4 mins of course when I cranked it up just a bit). The biggest thing that I noticed today was going up the hills; they just didnt hurt as much and my body went more into an autopilot mode when running up them. I can compare this to biking up hills. At the beginning of the season, of course they suck and they hurt even though you are in your easiest gear. Of course after you do enough of them on a regular basis your body adapts and can crank right up them. Same thing happened this morning: I felt a change.

I talked to my dad the other night and he said that in the Corp he would run a 6 min mile, meaning that he could do an 18:00-20:00 min 5K. YIKES! Well that would be cool if I could do that, but I dont think im going for a crazy goal like that. I think seaking a 24:00 min 5K would be a more realistic goal for the time being. However, he did say that he would run 5 miles on a regular basis, which of course when you become used to that, 3 miles is a piece of cake which means you can run a bit faster, yeilding a faster time.

I am in a bit of a debate with myself at the moment. I am trying to decide that after running 3 miles over the next week (and timing myself each time) should I continue to run my 3 mile course or should I continue building distance until I reach 5 miles. I think an option is to throw in a 4th run during the week by starting the week with 3.25 miles, 3.5 miles, 3.5 miles, 3 miles. Then the next week would be 3.5 miles, 3.75 miles 3.75 miles, 3 miles. And continue up to 5 miles. I know I definately need to run a 3 mile at the end of each week to compare times to previous weeks and to start building some data.


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