Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Irn Bru & Meat Pies

If there was ever Ironman Scotland, this is a sample of what might be provided in terms of on course nutrition, AND!!!! weapons for battling the Brits during the run.(I was at a Scottish fest over the weekend)
This is a Scottish Orange Soda. It is disgusting. Tastes like liquid bubble gum and or liquid children's tylonel, with fizz

A meat pie and a bridie, with HP sauce.

Also useful for WHEN the zombies attack ;)

However, before you can cross the finish line, you have to do two more events:

#1 The Sheaf Toss:

and #2: The "throw the kettle bell thing over another pole" thing....

As you might be able to tell, my loopiness is pretty much there. I am in the thick of Ironman training with lots and lots of volume going on. Good news though! My body is handling it a lot better this year vs last year.

One more 100+ mile ride to go this weekend then taper!!


  1. Did they have any war hammers there?

    Because if they did and you didn't buy me one ... we might no longer be on speaking terms!

    Meat pie sounds delicious!

  2. What about that tossing thing? All sorts of normal things going on there :)

    Yay peak training!!

  3. I bet if you busted in there and competed, they would think they were seeing William Wallace! :)

  4. The chaffing from the kilt would rough a lot of people up. :)

  5. Love the blog, I'm doing my first triathlon in September (blogging about it at and am enjoying reading about your experiences.

  6. I am all of a sudden hungry for a meat pie?!?1!

    Thanks Jon.

  7. Lots of words here for a wordless Wednesday.

    So did the Scottish invent cross fit then?

  8. Wow... that’s some pretty intense Ironman training... I need to add some zombie weapons and kettle bells to my TP.

  9. Irn-Bru - I LOVE that stuff. I drank so much of that when I was in Edinburgh...

  10. HA HA HA!!!! Kevin's comment is perfect. Next you I know you'll tag this post with #FitFluential


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