Thursday, July 26, 2012


I am starting to hit my breaking point with training and work. My current lifestyle is unsustainable long term.

Basically my job, which pays the bills, AND! pays for my triathlon lifestyle, comes first. Without it, I would ditch triathlon in a heartbeat and just be a runner and do only local races. Priorities people!!!

Fortunately (but also unfortunately) I have been working a shit-ton of overtime! Yes, the extra cash is wonderful, but that in itself is expensive: NO FREE TIME TO SPEND IT!!!

Well, my free time currently is training. And with Ironman crunch training currently going on, I am doing LOTS of it!

Here is a sample of a Tuesday:
  • Wake up @ 6 AM, run from 6:30-7:30AM.
  • Work from 9AM-6PM
  • Ride bike from 6-8PM
  • Work AGAIN from 8-9:30-ish or till 10PM
  • Get home, try to be in bed by 10:30

  • Wake up @ 6 AM, run from 6:30-7:30AM.
  • Work from 9AM-8PM
  • Pool from 8:30-9:30PM-ish
  • Try to be in bed by 10PM
  • Repeat Tuesday, same volume, different variation of a run/bike workout.

Before I go any further. This is no "woe is me" cry for help. I am bringing this all onto myself! I could tell work, "Nope! Not gonna work OT." I could be like, "Fuck triathlon! I am gonna be a professional couch surfer instead." And all of a sudden I have all the time in the world.

But, that is not the reality of life right now.

FORTUNATELY!!! Ironman training and working overtime are both short term things (and will be over soon!!! *fingers crossed*) but UNFORTUNATELY they are colliding at the same time.

I was thinking this morning about the last time I actually cooked myself a meal outside of breakfast? I can't remember! Work has provided food for me for the past I CAN'T EVEN REMEMBER that I think the only things I have bought at the grocery store have been gatorade, uncrustables, generic chocolate Ensure, and a case of water, and that has all been for training!

I am looking forward to August 20th, the day where I won't be able to physically move, yet totally free from a HUGE obligation.

Over and out!!!


  1. Although I don't work overtime, coaching gymnastics just twice a week in addition to my full time job makes training so hard on those days.

    Keep up the good work. Race day is almost here :)

  2. Priorities!!

    Maybe, if you're lucky, you can get someone without a job or training plan to come help you out while you are so busy.

  3. Same here man. We need to hire another engineer. I take work home all the time anymore and if we aren't tri training, we have been lifting and doing core work. SOOOO glad we did not sign up for another full this year.

    Can't fathom how we were able to get the training in last year.

    Love your perspective though, come August it's game time and it will be back to brewing beer in no time ;)

  4. I hear you loud and clear. No overtime for me thankfully, but family duties fill that gap just fine. Not fun closing the door when your wife and daughter are just wanting you to be around more.

    Sub-4 weeks now...not much longer.

  5. I remember feeling this way when training for my first half-ironman. I was either working, training, recovering from training, or getting ready to train. No time to spend with the kid or husband. I got really burnt out and thought I would stick to shorter distance tris from now on. Well, I crossed the finish-line... and immediately wanted to race again! Of course!

    Looks like you have a tough schedule right now, but hang in there! The finish line ( literally and figuratively!) is in sight! Good luck getting through the next couple of weeks.

  6. I'm struggling with my training and work and free time, too. Wake up at 4am, workout, go to work for 9-10hrs, second workout, go home and make dinner and try to get to bed by a reasonable hour to repeat the next day. I haven't spoken to a real person in weeks it feels like.

  7. ive become a professional couch surfer. its kind of nice. jk.

    I have too much free time right now but I bet Ill be bitchin as soon as PT school starts!

  8. Yes, this is exactly my life right now. It's exhausting. But the end is in sight for you! Good luck.

  9. Wait. Are you telling me that training for an ironman is HARD??? Why didn't anybody tell me this?

    Also, I think I have saved money by doing an ironman because, just like you, I have no time to spend it.

  10. And another reason why I love owning my own business. It's hard as shit and I work harder than I did in corporate America as I chase the carrot (not Jeff) around all of Dallas but in the end I can train when I want, take naps when I want and it all is on my shoulders to choose when and when not to work.

    BTW - how in the world do you wake up and just go running? I can't do that. I tried the other day and it was nearly impossible to get my legs going for the first mile. I need to be awake for about an hour before I can do any form of exercise. Maybe its age!

  11. I know a place with a much lower cost of living and a company that allows you to work at home full time. No feathers though.

  12. Sounds like you are stretched to the breaking point unfortunately. Sounds like me during tax season, when not much else gets done except for work (and then working out on the weekend). I guess just try to hang in there and hopefully works calms down. Or else you may have to scale back training. Because it is dangerous to say no to work, especially in this economy.

  13. Hang in there - I hit a similar perfect storm before IMLP and it was tough, but you'll get through it and then have plenty of free time to relax. Good luck!

  14. I hear ya! Have you noticed that I haven't blogged in forever? Too much going on!!!!! Hopefully, you'll get a little more free time after IMMT. Hang in there, buddy!

  15. With ya buddy. Weren't we just emailing about this the other day? I cannot even remember anything. Aug 20th cannot come soon enough.

  16. Glad it doesn't have to be sustainable, but hope that things settle on both sides (work and training) after Aug. At least there is an end in sight for part of it. Can't wait to read all about it.

  17. good luck dude. i know how hard it is to stay sane when work is going crazy. throw IM training on top of that - yikes. hang in there!

  18. You would be bored with free time! :) You are getting close!!!


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