Thursday, July 5, 2012

2012 Half Year in Review

I did this blog post in 2010 and thought it was a great mid season wrap up to an already busy season. Last season was very race light and didn't really warrant one.

This year? HOLY CRAP!!!! Not only have I raced WAY more than ever, but I have also PR-ed EVERY SINGLE FREAKING RACE I HAVE ENTERED. Weeee hoo!!!

I wrote back in early January and then again in March that "I have made a bet with myself to PR all distances this season (* gulp! *)"


"I have no idea the stakes, and if I am holding up my end of the bargain, who is holding up the other end of the bargain? The other side of myself?"

With only three more races to go this season (not counting post Ironman), it will come down to a sprint, a 2 mile swim, and an Ironman.

But first! Here is how my year has played out so far:

I started out the year worried to death that my Fall 2011 knee injury would reappear. So how to do confirm that it won't reappear? You race a 10K, the Joe Kleinerman 10K around Central Park.

The race set a theme that I have kept true to so far this season: PR-ing.

I set a 1:33 PR and dropped my 10K time down to a 43:21. Not bad considering I was barely post injury and totally untrained for this distance and intensity.

Later in January was my first bid to go sub 1:45 in the 13.1 distance. Unfortunately the only snowstorm we got all season landed that day, most severely on Central Park, turning this race into a 2.5 hour/16.5 mile fun run with some of my favorite people followed by bagels and the hottest and best shower I have ever taken in my life!

February brought out some speed in me I never imagined I ever had, dropping not only my first sub 7 min pace in a race, but a 6:17 average pace and first sub 20 min 5K at the Gridiron Classic 4 miler around Central Park. I recall wanting to die at mile 2 during that race, which is how I should have felt!

The only other race I did in February was with my MOST favorite person, where we got wet and did the Sweetheart Tri. Let's just say I was the slow one in this race!

March was only one race, but a race I had my eyes set on to KILL a long standing PR for the 13.1 distance, especially after the non race in January. At the National Half I dropped 13 mins off my time and came in for a 1:32 and change for one of the most satisfying PR's of my life!

April was another one race month, with another stab at the 10K distance, The Scotland Run around Central Park. Was trying for a sub 40, but it wasn't my day. Still PR'ed again though! Lopping another 1:47 off for a 41:34. Getting closer to that sub 40!

Unfortunately my luck ran out, with a stupid slip in the shower, and resulting in bruised ribs. Ouch! After muscle spasms and being barely able to breath, I was wondering if my season was either over or going to need to be paired down.

After three weeks of very frustrating training and a blister from hell, my first triathlon of the season, the MonticelloMan Half, was just around the corner. My goal for this race was just to finish and do my best and see what happens.

Well, SOMETHING happened, because I snuck just under 5 hours for the first time for a 70.3 and had an otherwise great day finishing 2nd in my age group!

The following weekend it was back to racing again, this time as the biker on a relay team, Tom Selleck's Mustache, at the Kinetic Half. I said I was going to go a 2:30, and I did just that!

Rounding out May, I did a 2 mile OWS in some warm conditions sans a safety blanket wetsuit. It was a terrible time for me, but still an 8 sec PR!

June brought what I call "My Northern Series" of races, since everything else was down south.

First up was Rev3 Quassy Olympic, my first Olympic in almost 3 years. After killing the swim and about to kill the bike in the hunt for a very good placing, two flats ended my day on a cold and wet course. Bummer, but I had revenge in my mind!

Which brings me to the Pat Griskus Olympic, at the same venue as Rev3. This time my swim was not very good, but I made up for it on the bike and run and placed 6th/32 and well enough to qualify for USAT Olympic Nationals. While I am not doing that race, it was a nice confirmation of A) Finishing a damn race! and B) Holding my own against some good competition.

Finally, I rounded out June with my A- race of the year, Ironman Mont Tremblant 70.3. Despite a botched run, I had the swim and bike of my life, riding into T2 in 12th place!!! A new personal best for me. Note to self: Remember to eat on the run!!!

Actual time: 4:54:42. A 5 min PR!!!

But! Last but not least, with hot weather hitting the last weekend of June and massive storms knocking out power in the mid Atlantic region, I headed back up 87 to Lake Placid for the beginning of Ironman specific training. In case you were worried, yes Lake Placid still has hills, and yes, a headwind through the gorge on 86 still fucking sucks!

It was a humbling two days of training, but it was an awesome time!

Ironman Mont Tremblant will be here before I know it!


  1. Wow! you're a busy guy. clearly you don't have kids lol

  2. And what an awesome half-year which is just setting you up for a better 2nd half.

    By the way -- would poutine be a good run fuel for IMMT? I mean it has carbs, fats and protein in it right?

  3. Wow, you've had an amazing first half of the year so far! Glad you avoided the heat with the power going out!

  4. Awesome first half of the year! It actually sounds a lot like my last year. I had PRs coming out my ears last year. Not so much this year. Maybe when I am old like you :-P

    Time to bring it in and negative split the year :)

  5. There are a lot of people who sign up for a shit ton of races and just 'get by; each one... You have done a shit done and freaking rocked them!! :) I like the Ironman By Thirty's comment to negative split the year!

  6. ur a PR machine
    nice year! with half to go!
    lol @ Kevin hahaha

  7. You've been busy!!!! That's awesome about all the PR's! Keep it going!

  8. YOU have had an awesome year so far, no doubt due to focus, hard work, and a willingness to suffer :) Good luck with the second half of your season, you're off to a great start!

  9. Congrats on all those PRs!!


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