Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Verbal Vomit and Some Input Needed!

A lot going on, so I will just verbally vomit it all out.

Speaking of vomit, I watched the cat throw up the biggest hairball on the bathroom floor this morning. Gross, I KNOW! Poor guy. He means well! He just rides the short bus to school.

And speaking of cats! There is a freaking mountain lion on the loose! YES, a MOUNTAIN LION. We don't have mountain lions up here. On my ride last night, there was a new sign posted. Yeah, I got uber paranoid and picked it up a notch.

If I see a mountain lion while out riding or running, this will bring my tally up a bit of strange animals running out in front of me while riding. Let's see, I have had a black bear come out in front of me, a dog bit me, multiple dogs try to bite me, a crawfish, lots of deer, and I think there was a Moose on the side of the road up in Waterville, NH.

I work in the middle of nowhere in Northern Greenwich, CT. Sorry, folks but all of the uber rich Hedge Fund Managers work 25 mins away in downtown Greenwich.

However! A plane crashed a half mile from the office, setting the woods on fire. The county airport is 1 mile away from my office.

So between crashing planes and wild mountain lions and me riding and working in the middle of nowhere, I am convinced there is no safe place to ride.

Speaking of places to ride (haha! I could do this all day) I am heading up to Lake Placid for 5 days. Yeeeesssssss!!!! This is for my Coach's annual training camp.

He is withholding the entire itineray to keep us guessing, but he has told us what is going on on Day #1:
2 hour trail run (bring an extra pair of shoes and towel)
Swim (prolly the LP course)
1 loop of the bike course.

Soooooo, a broken Half Ironman day 1? Oh brother....

I have a feeling I am going to be riding 200 miles and running a few marathons and swimming a few lakes over the next 5 days. Should be fun!

Finally, been spamming everyone on Twitter, but I will try here as well. (and Thank You! to those who have already responded)

What did you do with the pair of shoes you ran your first marathon in?


  1. First marathon is still in the works, and I've never thought of that before. Watch out for that mountain lion, and good luck this weekend.

  2. Suburban Connecticut is a dangerous place.

    After my first marathon I donated my shoes then emailed the Nike rep and told him how much I loved the (nike) race and (nike) shoes and he sent me a new pair. Score!

  3. Haha, you have led a very interesting training life... do you train with a jar of honey in your tri gear?!

  4. No idea what happened to my first marathon shoes. They either got demoted to yardwork shoes and then thrown out or were donated at the local running stored.

    You could always just carry them with you on future runs. That way you could throw them at the mountain lion to try and fend it off.

  5. Have Fun!

    I have yet to run my first marathon. I leave the pair I trained for my first marathon in at work in my locker for lifting weights. I mow grass in the pair I trained for my second one in. Not sure what i will do with shoes if i actually finish one.

  6. Those marathon shoes are way gone.

    CRAZY about the mountain lions and plane crashes. I thought Caratunk was crazy.

    Your camp sounds way harder than my camp.

  7. I seen a Llama and Buffalo here in Ohio and a Giraffe and Zebra in Arizona.

  8. That is crazy about the mountain lion! We get some mountain lions occasionally around here (I haven't seen one, but some friends have). I have ran into a pack of 4 wolves before, I was freaked out. We had to take a big stick, make a bunch of noise to try to scare them off - scary stuff.

    And that plane crash is crazy!

    Have fun at the ironman training camp, that sounds awesome. Hopefully it is not too hot up there.

    As for the first marathon shoes - I marked them with the race and the date in sharpie pen, and I intend to keep them forever. That really is the only pair of shoes that I intend to keep forever.

  9. Dude you are living in one crazy area right now! Freaking Mountain Lions in Greenwich? The rapture might be close ...lol

    Sounds like your coach has 5 days of ass kicking lined up for you. I like this guy and have never even meet him!

    Have never done a marathon and when I do in March I will probably give the shoes away to the charity pile at the end of the race and roll home in flip flops!

  10. I know those roads around there and they are not tri-friendly, mountain lions and falling planes aside. You can never be too careful these days!

  11. Sounds like an intense camp, and that's exactly how it should be. On the other hand, riding/running from a mountain lion sounds more intense.

  12. was expecting verbal vomit
    this was really well put together for a guy in the midst of an IM training plan!

    LP!!!! enjoy bro that will be awesome

    I was supposed to hang onto my 1st mary shoes? not sure I could even find the bib!

  13. A couple years back I was driving to Allentown PA. Out in a field I saw something walking along. The only thing that made sense to me was a mountain lion but what are the chances of that?!?
    With all these recent reports, I'm now convinced that's exactly what I saw.
    Oh and shouldn't that sign say "If you see this animal run for cover! Then call the police"?

  14. i still have my first marathon shoes. i've gotten rid of retired ones since, just not my 'first' :)

    there was some sort of wild-cat loose in the suburbia where i live a few summers ago. my outdoor running was slack for those weeks until they caught it.

  15. I'm still racing in my marathon shoes, but I have not washed the dirt off from the marathon as that is marathon dirt!

  16. Word vomit for sure! I love that you said your cat rides the short bus to school. That's awesome!

    Watch out for planes and mountain lions. Geesh...

    I don't have a clue what I did with my first shoes. Probably donated them at the turkey trot a few months later. Yep, I'm going with that answer (sounds way better than "I mow my grass in them" which was going to be my answer)

  17. About the shoes, I'll let you know in November!


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