Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rev3 Spectating Report

After my "best race of my life" Sunday morning, I hit the road for 35 minutes and drove up to Quassy, CT to spectate some super awesome blogger buddies @ the Rev3 70.3. Mandy @ CaratunkGirl, Jill @ Simply Tri, and Jason @ Tech-Tri were all racing and did super awesome jobs!!! All three also happen to be racing Ironman Lake Placid with me in a few weeks. Gonna be great!

Had to park at the shuttle lot, but I rode my bike a few miles to where I got to the intersection where the bike in, run out, and mile 9 all convene. GREAT spectator spot! Also, the finish was 100 yards away, so this was the PERFECT place to get everyone at different points without scrambling too fast. After all, I just knocked the shit out of a race, so I was surprised at how much energy I had left to spectate. I guess the energy of the race propped me up?

So as I was riding over, I passed the lead pro women (I JUST missed Mirinda Carfrae) but saw Heather Jackson in 5th. Upon arrival to the intersection, lots of folks were riding in. Not too much later here comes Jason! I couldn't get my camera out in time. Its HARD to tell who is who, but I did catch him on the run out and was able to get his attention.

A little bit later Jill strolls by. She was easier to find since I knew her Jersey and I asked her a day before what she was wearing. Also, her kickass pink camo Roo is a one of a kind bike and hard to miss. Caught her easily on the run out.

Now came Mandy. I saw her, knew it was her bike, her jersey, but I couldn't recognize her face! It was her! But easily got her on the run out.

Now that everyone was out on the run, I got out my phone, found updated times and started calculating when folks would be arriving on the run @ mile 9. You all were right on time! And spaced out just enough that I could bounce between the finish and mile 9 to catch you all 4 times!

Caught Jason @ mile 9

Caught Jill @ mile 9

Caught Jason @ the finish. This video is priceless and shows why Rev3 has a good thing going!

Caught Mandy @ mile 9. "Who is my favorite person?!?!?!"

Caught Jill @ the finish, hung around with her and her boyfriend, Simon, for a few minutes. Also found Jason and chatted with him. Everyone one was tired! They worked hard!

Caught Mandy @ the finish.

And I was cooked! Fortunately I wasn't running miles upon miles to bounce between the finish and mile 9. It was all right there. Chatted with Mandy and her Mom for a bit. Mandy wasn't hungry! I was so worried that I was keeping her from eating. But we all know Mandy, she doesn't need to eat. She fuels herself with laughter!

I'm really 6'7" ;) ...right Mandy?
Soooooo, if you need a personal videographer and one man cheering band come race day. You know who to ask! My fee is food :)

Stay tuned for my next post, My Future In Triathlon. Pretty daunting, eh?


  1. Rev 3 looks awesome!!! I want to do one of their races soon.

  2. Dude you are an awesome person. Seriously, to capture those moments for those people that is cool!

    I loved that you were able to plan it out so well too haha.

    Mandy is MY favorite person!!!

  3. You did an excellent spectating job! Love the finish videos!

  4. LOVE the spectator report.

    HA HA You need to add, my slow as molasses friend Mandy ha ha Hey, I was in the last wave. That is my excuse. ;)

    It was so so great to see you!! Thank you so so much for being there, that was awesome!

    I think I owe you some food? At IMLP. Or IMMT? ;)

  5. That is awesome! How fun that you got to see them and get some video of them! Awesome!

  6. Dude seriously that was awesome!!!! I think I owe you money the videos were so good. How much do you charge for futre races :) Since you are so fast maybe you can finish lake placid and then find me on the bike and start recording me again like this :)

  7. Awesome Jon! You rocked the video of my wife in Galveston too! You need to start like the JC Race Production Company or something!! haha!

    ...quite the teaser, eh? Can't wait to hear about your future, especial if it involves a sleepy little Canadian ski village!!!

  8. Great videos. I know all 3 of them really appreciate it.

  9. This is just awesome. Way to capture the moments for them and create memories of a lifetime.

  10. You're welcome to come to my races and be an incredible cheerleader/videographer/spectator. That's just cool. Thanks for sharing.

  11. You are FANtastic! These were great to share with my family & friends! And doing all this after the race of your life??? Pretty awesome!

  12. Awesome work!

    This just confirms what I have always assumed - Mandy has WAY too much energy. I love the video at 9 miles. She just seems so fricken energetic and crazy. Love it!

    I can offer both food AND beer at IMWI :)

  13. for sure agree with everyone here
    sooo awesome you were able to spectate cheer AND get vids for these competitors
    great post


  14. HAHAH!! Mandy even runs happy!!!


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