Friday, June 3, 2011

I'll Be Your One Man Cheering Band

The first weekend in June is traditionally a HUGE racing weekend. I'd say in the Northeast especially, this is the official kickoff weekend for Triathlon. The Lakes are finally unfrozen AND warm enough to swim in (usually with a wetsuit).

So, are YOU racing this weekend?

I am! I am doing the Tri Ridgefield Sprint up in Ridgefield, CT. The last time I did a sprint was exactly two years ago and it was this race. Kind of hard to believe that I haven't done a sprint in two years! My time from two years ago was a 1:16:39, so it is a very short race.

Which means!!!!

That after a quick bite to eat and a quick stretch I am hitting the road for Quassy to spectate Rev3! With little traffic, I can get there in 35-40 minutes, which should hopefully get me there when folks are still out on the bike. I plan to be a one man cheering band for Mandy @ Caratunk Girl, Jill @ Simply Tri, and Jason @ Tech-Tri. I also plan to ask Mirinda Carfrae to marry me then ask Terenzo Bozzone to be my best man at the wedding. I think I should get two yesses, right?

I plan to bring plenty of water, a camping chair, and food, and cheer my heart out!

Good luck to anyone racing and have a safe and fun weekend!


  1. i think you should break an hour. GOOD LUCK! and have a blast spectating!

  2. ahhhh June is here! and so are the triathlons! To think you already have a half IM under your belt this season...a PR setting one at that. Will be looking for you on the course as I suffer.

  3. Good luck!!!

    MattyO and I are off to do the Warrior Dash!!

  4. That is really going piss off Chrissie!

  5. Jeff beat me to it! Chrissie is going to be pissed! Hopefully you signed a pre-nup with her so that she doesn't get your bike in the split. haha

    I love training for long triathlons totally redefines "sprint tri". All out, all the way and it is like nothing. Rock it!

    Have fun cheering!

  6. @ Jeff & @ Kevin. Its gonna be a new season of the Bachelor. Chrissie vs Mirinda @ Kona. The winner wins ME :)

  7. I have only done sprints - and right now that distance is perfect for me, but I'm sure when you're not used to that short distance and going really fast it can be a little challenge. Have fun with it! I'm not racing this weekend, BUT it's gonna be 75 degrees (gasp) here in WA, so I'm getting some serious training in!

  8. ooh, good luck! Try not to let all your admirers get in the way of a kickass race :)

  9. HEY, I saw Rinny today. She is so freaking cute. And has this presence about her that is just pretty dang cool. Anyway, have fun stalking!!


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