Tuesday, July 5, 2011

19 + 19 + Pigs = ???

Maybe you can solve the riddle? 

P.S. There is NO answer.

I had (I think) my last big weekend of training. Am I tapering right now? Eh, who cares. My body still feels fresh and ready to rock it. My brain wishes it were 50 degrees outside everyday. 

P.S. The heat is killing me and it is not even that hot out...

Soooooooo, Saturday I drop kicked a 102 miler in 5:10:00 while nuking my legs to the point that running was just a funny joke played on ME.

I had another bad brick run......sigh.....

Yes, it was between 88 and 92 degrees outside, but I won't be blaming the heat here. My problem? Went too hard on the bike with the heat (even though it felt great) and I didn't drink enough liquids. Oh wait, I did just blame the heat. I should have drank 100-120 oz of liquids and I only got down 90. Did I mention I didn't pace the bike correctly for the hot conditions? The good news is that I got enough food in me. I wasn't hungry and I had the energy, I was just dehydrated and the legs were shot.

Lesson learned!

And I'm praying for 65 degrees and overcast skies on race day...and a tailwind in all directions.

Then on Sunday it rained. And it was glorious. It was freaking humid out, but not feeling like the ant under the magnifying glass was a nice change for once.

Then I needed a mental break from the training. I blew off an OWS and headed north to Poughkeepsie. We saw pigs and goats!

Heh, triathlon relay team?

Their goat cheese is UHmazing!

And then we went to the William Morse estate. He invented Morse Code and the telegraph machine.

Finally we rounded off the evening with dinner RIGHT on the Hudson.

On Monday I attempted my longest run ever, a 19 mile or 2:45:00 run. Big fail. Apparently the cheese I ate the day before won. Nuff said. Got 35 mins of running and had to stop. So I walked home, slept all day and hydrated and got my stomach back to normal.

Tuesday I won.
Nuff said
That was the most solid long run I have ever done. Just kept it consistent with pace and effort the entire time. Whats another 7.13 miles? Oh brother....I will find out in 19 days!


  1. Glad you took pics, because training and heat makes you see things.

    Nice training.

    Did you finish the run at 5:58am or start it? Its from the pic on the watch

  2. It kind of sounds like you were high when you wrote this. Yes? Did I win?

    Nice job on your last week of training. Enjoy the taper and carbo loading. I recommend a pizza a night for 19 days. Should get you nice and ready for 140.6 miles of awesome.

  3. This is great. Your training is spot on and your mind is mush (read this post back to yourself in 2mos). You are so damn ready dude!

    Dave and I were talking (er..panting) in the middle of our long ride on Sunday. It was over 100* and the Heat Index was around 115* - at one point he looked over at me and asked how in the hell were we going to train in this weather for IMMT next summer? I am concerned.

  4. You are ready my friend. All of this points to one direction and one direction only and that is a great IMLP race for you.

  5. Wow, you destroyed that long run. Crazy that your first marathon is going to be done a part of the ironman! I have no idea on how to judge bike or swim fitness, but just based on the run above you are ready to run a marathon for sure.

  6. Way to kick some a** Glad you were able to enjoy yourself a little too :)

  7. Another solid week of training. Looks like you are ready!

  8. --. .-. . .- - .--. --- ... - (Great Post in Morse Code, but I am sure you knew that already). haha

    I'll leave you with this one to figure out:

    -.-- --- ..- .- .-. . --. --- .. -. --. - --- -.- .. -.-. -.- -... ..- - - .- - .. -- .-.. .--.

    (at least my riddles have an answer)

  9. First of all, that was an incredible 100 miles of biking. Who cares if the legs were shot...well, you probably do. Secondly, way to stick it out the day after a big fail and rock that 19 miles. That was an awesome run, and like Kevin said, You're going to kick butt at IMLP!

  10. You

    Time to rock IMLP!

  11. 19 days????? Well less now! So freaking exciting! You are going to rock the race!

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for a cloudy 65 degree day, no humidity and a nice tailwind any direction you head! :)

  12. 50 degree would be brilliant. can you make that happened please ok thanks.

  13. OMG OMG OMG!!! SO crazy it is so close.

    Please please please overcast and 65!

  14. good luck you will do great!

  15. We've been spoiled the last couple of weeks and this heat and humidity came on strong and fast, I notice acdifference in my runs since Saturday. Stay smart and hydrate!

  16. wow man, that is a wonderful feeling getting that long distance in isn't it?

    Good stuff. Your run plan makes me comfortable with our run plan. We only have one 3 hr run on our schedule and I was a bit concerned (having trained for marathons before, typically a few 20 milers).

    Great job!!! Keep the confidence high man, you have got this!

  17. answer = IM? haha everything is IM right now


  18. I've been to that cheese farm, the cheese is awesome, but apparently not when you are training for an IM. Pigs are cute.

    I will do my rain dance for you on July 24th.


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